We know showcasing all the amazing-ness that is YOU can be hard to do in just one, succinct piece of paper, but your résumé is a great opportunity to show off your professional skills! Your resume is the first thing employers see and it’s the key to landing the interview, so it’s smart to take some extra time and plan out what you’d like your resume to convey. In that spirit, and to celebrate National Update Your Resume  Month, we’re bringing you a few tips to help make your resume stand out. 

  1. Keep it concise and organized
    It can be tempting to include everything you’ve ever done on your resume, but it most likely will only be looked at briefly, so you’ll want to keep it short. Be intentional with the skills and experience you include and keep it to one page. Make sure your formatting is the same throughout – for example, do you want it to be chronological or skill-based? Additionally, be sure your document is easy to read with lots of white space and appropriate spacing. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the recruiter or hiring manager to see your strengths and skills! 
  2. Highlight your experiences
    The way you highlight your experience on your resume is crucial to showing what skills you’d bring to the role you’re applying for. Take a good look at the job posting and be sure to include required skills and applicable experience. For example, if one of the basic qualifications is “previous work in a guest service role”, you’ll want to include a past role in which you had to use customer service skills. Many past Disney Programs participants wonder how to include their program experience on their resume. You might be wondering, “How can I include my merchandise host experience on my resume for a communications role?” But don’t worry – there are lots of applicable skills you can glean from your program! Time management, working well under pressure, how you utilized teamwork and how you communicate with peers and Guests are all transferable skills you could include. Also, don’t forget about your Four Keys experience if you’re applying for a Disney role! 
  3. Show, don’t tell
    When writing out your experiences, think of ways you can show the impact of what you did. For example, use a number to share roughly how many Guests you assisted per day, or the percentage of growth you helped your company achieve in sales. Don’t forget to include the results of your work – how many guests/customers/peers were affected and how did you contribute? By giving the hiring manager concrete ways you’ve achieved measurable success, you’re making it easier for them to see how you would succeed in the position! 
  4. Use your resources
    I’ll be honest – you’ll never truly stop working on your resume. Updating and tweaking it is an ongoing process, and you can always incorporate new learnings and tips to help make it even better. If you’re on a Disney Program or you’ll be beginning one soon, be sure to utilize Career Connection offerings that focus on professional skills. Classes like Resume Writing, Personal Branding and Acing the Interview are all great courses you can take that will help develop your professional skills. If you’re in school now, see if your school offers resume classes or resume review sessions. The more you know, the greater your résumé can be!  

By using these tips, you can organize and design your resume in a way that will help you stand out to potential employers. Remember, your resume reflects you, so the more time and effort you put into it, the more it will effectively tell your story and help you land that perfect job! 

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