The holiday season is over, and our Disneyland® Resort cast members are busy getting ready to welcome our newest participants on Jan. 12! If you’re joining us for the spring season, you’re probably experiencing a variety of emotions right now and have a lot of questions. 

“What should I pack? What am I supposed to wear? How will I get to work every day? I’m super excited to start, but really nervous, too…is that normal?” Don’t worry – you’re not alone!  

I remember packing and preparing for my Disney College Program and having these same questions and emotions running through my head. Here are a few things that will help you feel more at ease about your big move to Southern California. 

Many of you have told us that you aren’t bringing a car, but have asked how you’ll get to and from work for eight months. All of our participants have the opportunity to receive a complimentary public bus pass as part of our Commuter Assistance Program. The bus stop is a few blocks from our housing complex and will drop you off at the Disneyland Resort. 

One benefit of taking the bus is every day you do, you’ll earn commuter assistance points that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards or prizes throughout your program! You can also earn points for riding your bike, walking or carpooling to and from work.  

If you choose to bring a bike, we offer bike lockers at our housing complex so you can safely secure it while not in use. The bus pass and bike lockers will be taken care of after your arrival and will be discussed during your welcome session the first few days  

Renter’s insurance
Remember, all of our housing residents must have renter’s insurance for the duration of their program. Once you have it, you’re required to fax or email it to us (this is something that should’ve already been taken care of).   

This is very important because if we don’t have proof of your renter’s insurance prior to your arrival, your check-in process will be delayed. Don’t let this happen to you! Planning ahead and taking care of your renter’s insurance prior to your arrival will definitely make your arrival day a little less stressful.  

When should I arrive?
Remember, when you completed all of the pre-arrival forms over the last few months, you also selected an arrival time. Make sure to arrive during that timeframe; please do not arrive early! 

This is the one time throughout your program we’ll tell you to avoid arriving early. The reason is, we’re checking in over 250 participants on the same day, all within a few hours of each other. In order to avoid long lines and wait times, we’ve spread arrival times out to make the process easier for you.  

Many of our participants arrive in Anaheim a few days early and stay in a hotel with their family and friends. That’s perfectly fine, but we still require you to arrive at Carnegie Plaza to check in for the program on the day and time you were assigned.  

What should I pack?
If you’re like me, you’ve probably set aside way more clothes than you can possibly fit into your suitcase. I remember leaving my sweatshirts and pants at home because it couldn’t possibly be cold in California, right? I was wrong! 

Believe it or not, it does get chilly at night during the spring season. It may be 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but in the 50s at night (or colder). Make sure to plan ahead. You’ll also want to pack athletic shoes. On your days off, you’ll want to explore the theme parks or take part in some of our weekly events and you’ll want comfortable shoes. The housing complex also has a fitness center and you’ll need athletic shoes to use some of the equipment.  

The nice part about your internship is that you don’t have to worry about what to wear to work every day. We’ll supply you an outfit (we call them costumes) every day and we even wash them for you! You’ll need to purchase your own shoes, but since the color and style will vary for the different roles, wait until you arrive and get your location assignment before you purchase them. Many local businesses will even give you a discount for being a Disney Cast Member and for some roles, they’re even provided 

Although you don’t need to worry about work clothes, you’ll want to make sure you pack professional clothes for your first training session called Traditions. We’ll send you more information about our Disney Look and Appearance Guidelines the first week of your internship. Make sure to look these over! It’ll go over everything from approved clothing to acceptable hairstyles and shoes. 

You’ll also want professional clothes for networking opportunities and any potential interviews you line up later in your program. Remember…first impressions are very important! 

Our housing complex is ready and we can’t wait to welcome you to the Disneyland Resort! Happy packing, and I’ll see you real soon. 

BrandonDisneyland Housing Communication