Learning comes alive during Disney Exploration Series

Are you a Disney trivia master? Do you have an interest in conservation efforts? Perhaps you are a marketing major, looking to learn more about “Defining the Strategy”? These diverse subjects are each discussed in one of our respective Disney Exploration Series offerings. The Exploration Series meets one time a week for two hours, throughout the course of a four-week long “minimester”.

Disney Exploration Series are comprised of interactive classes, which assist participants in learning as much as they can while on an internship program at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.


The Exploration Series seminar courses offer a wide array of diverse topics, in order to cater to the varying interests of our Disney Internships and Programs population. This spring, we have a total of nine different courses, each with its own unique learning plan. Seminars include:

  • Disney Environmentality & Sustainability: Creating a Green Culture
  • Disney Heritage: 1901-1954
  • Disney Hospitality & Guest Service
  • Disney Cast Engagement & Human Resources

  • Disney Environmentality & Sustainability: Inspiring Action
  • Disney Heritage: 1955-1982
  • Disney Leadership 101
  • Disney Marketing and Sales: Defining the Strategy
  • Disney Marketing and Sales: Implementing the Strategy

Be sure to be on the lookout for future registration opportunities!

KylanDisney Education Team
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