Know before you go: Disney Housing cable and internet

Just in time for those arriving for Florida-side programs in the spring – please be aware of the following updates to your packing list!


Cable television service:

We are excited to bring to Housing upgraded cable television service from Spectrum Communications. This new package includes local favorites, popular cable channels, more sports channels and a number of Spanish language channels. It also features 50 channels of music, and most channels are delivered in HD.

What you need to know:

  • This service is direct from the wall (no cable box) and has only one connection in the living room area.
  • Analog, or “tube style,” televisions are not able to receive the cable signal.
  • Additionally, there are several models of flat screen TVs that do not have the proper tuner to receive a signal. Check the user manual to ensure your set is digital ready, and has a QAM tuner. If it is not compatible, an adapter may be purchased to tune the signal properly.


Internet Service:

Wi-Fi service is now available in all apartments! In addition to the numerous hot spots we have around property, every apartment will be able to access a Wi-Fi signal, which is significantly faster than our previous service.

What you need to know:

  • The Wi-Fi signal is the only connection option, so you do not need to bring a wireless router.
  • If you are using a desktop computer or other hard-wired device, you will need to purchase a wireless adapter to connect to the internet (unless the device is also wireless-ready).
  • Wireless internet-ready devices such as printers or video game consoles also have a Wi-Fi signal for your use.
  • Instructions for logging in will be provided at your check-in.


We hope these changes enhance your programs Housing experience. We look forward to meeting our new arrivals!

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