Interview tips to help you land the internship of your dreams in California

Our newest group of Disney College Program interns have finally arrived and we couldn’t be happier to have them at Disneyland!

Over the next five months, they’ll challenge themselves like never before, learn skills they didn’t think were possible, make lifelong friendships and create spectacular memories unlike any other (for themselves and our guests).

While they’re busy making the Disney magic come to life, our recruiters are currently searching for our next group of Disney interns. Yes, you know what that means… the fall recruiting season is officially underway!

The application process can be a little intimidating, so I thought I’d share a few tips that can help you along the way:

Spring or Spring Advantage?

If you’re filling out an application, you’ll notice that we have two options: Spring and Spring Advantage, but both of those programs are from January to August of 2018. What’s the difference?

Our Spring program includes housing accommodations in Carnegie Plaza, which is our apartment complex for interns and located about two miles from Disneyland. This is the best option if you’re coming here from another state or live outside of the Anaheim area. Finding your own place to stay can be challenging and this is the easiest (and most convenient) way to meet other participants during your program.

The Spring Advantage program is designed for students who already live in the Anaheim area and want to live at home during their internship. If you choose this option, just remember that the program still requires full availability, including days, nights, holidays, weekends and possibly overtime.

These seasons will be discussed in the interview and knowing ahead of time will show that you’ve done your research.



Pay special attention to the roles 

We have over 18 roles available at the Disneyland Resort and when you apply, you have the opportunity to let us know which ones you’d like to be considered for. Remember, the more roles you’re interested in, the more flexibility we have to place you in the program.

Some of our higher need roles include Food & Beverage Quick Service Restaurants, Custodial, Custodial Busser, Food Prep, Lifeguard and Resort Transportation & Parking. Just know that whatever you indicate an interest in, you will be considered for.

Knowing all of the roles you’re applying for and their responsibilities will help you understand where you could be the most successful at Disneyland. Being prepared is the key! Make sure you’re ready to talk about your work experience and know how your skills could translate to the roles we have available.

During your interview we will ask you which roles you’re the most qualified for, based on your work experience and education. Think about that question and understand that just because you’re the most interested in a specific role, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where you’d be the most successful or the happiest. All of our roles are fun and rewarding in their own unique way.

I have tattoos…is that bad?

How many of you have visible tattoos or piercings? This will be discussed in every interview and it’s not something that you should get discouraged about. Many of our Cast Members have them and the reason why we discuss them in the interview is because we need to make sure that if you’re offered a position, we can place you in a location where your costume will cover that tattoo.

It’s very important to be honest during the interview and let us know about all of your tattoos and piercings (even if you don’t think they’re visible or significant). It’s much easier to be up front about these now than show up for your arrival and not be eligible for the role that was assigned to you. Believe me, arrival day is packed with lots of energy and so much enthusiasm and the last thing we want for you is to have challenges with our Disney Look Guidelines.



I’ve already graduated; do I have to take the Disney classes?

Everyone at Disneyland will take part in the mandatory educational classes during your internship. Our instructors are amazing and I promise you’ll learn so much in your classes and have a lot of fun. These are also great for networking and you may even spend a class or two in the theme parks!

Many of our participants also take online classes through their college or university. If you want to do that while you’re here, you absolutely can, but you’ll still be required to take the classes offered by the Disney College Program. If you receive an offer for the program, be aware that you’ll receive a lot more information about the classes and our Education component.

If you’re looking to receive credit for your Disney College Program experience, please sit down with your Academic Advisor and discuss this with them. Your college or university will determine whether or not you receive credit.

The fall recruiting season is one of the best times of the year and we can’t wait to meet you and hear about your talents, skills and passion for Disney. Smile, relax and enjoy the process! Most importantly, be yourself and have fun… good luck!

BrandonDisneyland Resort Housing Communications
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