The recruiting season is finally here and over these next few months, thousands of you will apply for an internship at Disneyland® Resort, The Happiest Place on Earth. Most of you have been dreaming about this moment your entire life, and now’s the time to make it happen.  

You’ve submitted your application and the most challenging part is next – the interview! Don’t let the interview process stop you from living out your dream at Disneyland Resort. Here are a few tips to set yourself up for success: 

Be prepared
I know it sounds silly, but you have no idea how many times I’ve interviewed someone and they were in class, driving home or sitting next to their barking dog. You’ll know your scheduled interview time well in advance (after all, YOU scheduled it); write it down, put a reminder on your phone and double check it. Scratch that – triple check it to make sure you have the right day and time, including the time zone! 

Plan ahead and make sure you have a quiet place set aside for the interview with no distractions or noise. This will eliminate some of your stress and help you relax. One thing I’ve seen a lot of people do is listen to their favorite Disney song or watch their favorite Disney movie before the interview. Whenever I interview for a job at Disney, I always look through my photos from previous Disney vacations. It reminds me how spectacular the company really is and how bad I want that job.  

You’ll also want a copy of your resume when you do the interview and a copy of the roles offered, especially the ones you applied for. So many people hang up the phone and wish they had said a few more things about their work experience and skills. Don’t let that be you! Study the roles you’re applying for and think about the skills you have that match up well with those positons. It makes a difference! 

Be yourself
Pretty easy, right? After all, nobody knows you better than YOU! This can actually be a little challenging. You read so much about what Disney is looking for and the different things other interns said who received an internship, but stay true to yourself. We have different positons all throughout Disneyland Resort and what makes our program (and company) so special is that we all come from different parts of the world, we’re all unique and we have different skill sets.  

Whether you know it or not, I can see you smiling through the phone when you’re interviewing. When you’re smiling and passionate about the program, your recruiter will be able to see that. That happiness comes out in your voice and your responses to the interview questions. Be confident and be yourself. I always say, the only thing you can be perfect at is being yourself.  

Research the California program and know what you’re applying for
This is a big one because a good portion of our interns have completed a program in Florida and are returning to the company for an internship in California. Trust me, many components of the program are similar, but we have some differences, too! 

Know your transportation options and whether or not you’re bringing a car. Think about whether you’re best suited for the housing or local program. Yes, there’s a big difference. Pay extra attention to the Fall and Fall Advantage programs at Disneyland Resort and know the difference. Here’s a hint: one provides housing and one does not.  

Last but not least, take a good look at the roles available at Disneyland Resort and the ones you applied for. Know these inside and out. Having this knowledge shows your recruiter you did your research and are well prepared. Every minute of research you put into your interview prep may help you stand out just a little more than other candidates. 

Have fun
Wait…have fun? Interviews aren’t supposed to be fun. Why not? This isn’t your ordinary company and our recruiters do a great job of helping you relax by making the interview fun. Believe me, they’re all really passionate about The Walt Disney Company and most of them started their Disney career on the Disney College Program. They’re your first impression of the program and maybe the company so they want to make it the best experience ever.  

Have fun, be yourself and be prepared. Those three simple things could be the very beginning of your life-changing adventure at Disneyland Resort!  

BrandonDisneyland Housing Communication
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