After hearing about the Disney International College Program, Nathy set her mind to leave her country for the first time to come work with Disney, overcoming any obstacles in her way.

As a Hotel Management student in the Dominican Republic, Nathy was offered the opportunity by her school to learn about hospitality at one of the world’s largest entertainment companies. At first, Nathy thought it would be too expensive for her to come to the United States for the Program, but the support and encouragement from her family finalized her decision and allowed her to do so.

“It was worth every penny, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of being here,” Nathy said.

Leaving the Dominican Republic for the first time to come to America, Nathy anticipated a big culture shock, but said the experience here in the U.S. has been better than she even expected.

“The biggest cultural difference is that American people don’t express their feelings like we do in Latin America. We’re crazy and loud and always hugging,” Nathy said, adding that on her move in day she caught her new roommate off guard by instantly greeting her with a hug.

For the first three months of her Program Nathy worked in merchandise, which she enjoyed because of the guest interaction and the opportunity she had to talk to guests and play with children from all over the world.

“I’ve learned to be patient because of all the different cultures here. Sometimes it can be hard to understand people, but you just have to know that everyone is different and comes from a different place,” Nathy said of the diversity at Disney. “I’ve learned to take a second to get to know someone, and I will take that with me forever after I finish my program.”

For the second three months of her internship, Nathy worked in quick-service foods at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. Every day Nathy is assigned one of the various shops in the resort food court for which she has to set up all the supplies and food needed for the day. In a fast-paced environment like a food court, Nathy said there is no room for error because you don’t have time to go back and fix something once you start interacting with guests.

“At first it’s a little overwhelming, but now I can do it with my eyes closed because I had such good trainers and leaders,” she said.

While on her Program, Nathy took advantage of many of the courses offered by the Disney Education team.

“I took classes in marketing, human resources and networking because this is such a great opportunity to be working here I wanted to take advantage of everything offered to me,” she said. “I learned how Disney does their business and learned a lot about what it means to have good relationships with employees and cast members.”

Working at Disney has been a life-changing experience for Nathy. After her Program she hopes to work with Disney Cruise Line.