What is an International Procurement Ally?

Our International Recruiters have the opportunity to work with companies around the world to recruit the best candidates to become potential cast members at the Walt Disney World Resort.  These companies, known as our Procurement Allies, represent us in other countries, such as Mexico, the United Kingdom, Thailand and Brazil (just to name a few).  In many cases, they are the first point of contact with candidates interested in Disney International Programs, including the Cultural Representative Program, Summer Work Experience and Academic Exchange Experience.  Our Procurement Allies not only establish initial contact with potential candidates, but also conduct the first interview, organize and invite candidates to a Disney presentation and assist all of our selected candidates with their pre-arrival paperwork and setting up travel arrangements to the United States.

Two of our International Recruiters, Jill and Jeff, recently traveled to Lorient, France and visited with the team at International Services – the procurement ally who assists us with our recruitment in France, Norway, Italy, Germany and Morocco.  Through the wonders of technology, this team makes regular contact with candidates in each of these countries, all while stationed on the beautiful western shoreline of France.   During their trip to France, and with the help of International Services, Jill and Jeff were able to interview many candidates who will begin arriving on the Summer Work Experience this May!


Sarah, Disney International Programs Recruiting