According to Instagram, Disney Parks (including the Walt Disney World Resort) were the most Instagrammed location in the world in 2016. We totally get this as we, too, think a castle backdrop makes any picture amazing, but we also think there’s a location just down the street that deserves a little Instagram love: Disney Housing!

Look around you – palm trees, sparkling pools and lush greenery make for great photo backdrops and will provide you with a keepsake of the living portion of your program. Also, as much as we love the purple wall at Magic Kingdom Park, we think we’ve found some new walls that are about to become all the rage.

So, grab your phone, think of which filter you want to use, put on your trendiest Disney attire and start ‘gramming. Don’t forget to add #DisneyPrograms to your posts!

Chatham Square

With its picturesque sidewalks and plenty of areas to get outside and bask in the Florida sunshine, Chatham Square is full of great spots for your next post! Hit up the area by the pool or think like Brandon, a previous specialist at the Disney Service Center, and strut your stuff by the clubhouse and on the various pathways throughout the complex.

Patterson Court

Stop by the Disney Service Center to add a splash of bright blue to your posts or walk about the complex to find the giant hedge wall (hint: it’s tucked away in a corner). There’s also plenty of photo opportunities by the pool, including at the outdoor fireplace. We may only have a few chilly days in Florida a year, so make this post a small brag to your friends back home and mention how we just like our fireplaces for decoration.

The Commons

With a glittering pool under the sun and bright flowers scattered throughout (even at the bus stop, where we took this picture with the pink flora), The Commons has so many picture spots you won’t know where to start. We recommend the concrete steps leading up to several of the buildings or the pond by the clubhouse. Don’t forget to showcase your most prized possession: Mickey Mouse ears, of course!

Vista Way

We gotta give it up for this original complex. The first to be built and house program participants, Vista Way has a lot of history and some exclusives you won’t find anywhere else, like the basketball court. Make sure to get an original building in the background of a photo and then use those textured walls as backdrops. We told you the purple wall has some new competition.

We hope you see the beauty in your home-away-from-home as much as we do. You make magic in your work location all program long, but some truly magical memories are made in Housing – show it off!

As a reminder, all photos posted to social media accounts should be taken off the clock and out of costume.

We’ll see you around the complexes!

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