Insider Tips from a Disney College Recruiter

Have you ever wondered what advice a Disney recruiter would give you about applying for the Disney College Program? Well…here is your chance! I have been a Campus Recruiter for almost 14 years and I will be with Disney 20 years in August, so I have lots of experience in this field. How did I get my start with Disney? On the Disney College Program as a lifeguard at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park! So not only do I have experience hiring for the program, I also have experience on the program. Here are a few suggestions to make your application, interview, onboarding and arrival processes a great experience.


  • Apply early. We have thousands of students who apply for this competitive internship each semester, so getting your application in early allows us more time to consider you for the program.
  • Highlight yourself on your application. Make sure you are including skill sets that are exclusive to you. If you speak a language fluently, highlight that on your application. You have experience working in retail; make sure to include that in your job history.
  • Make sure you write down your Dashboard password at the time of applying. Password resets are one of most popular requests, so it is important to write it down because you will need it through the application process.


  • If selected to take the web-based interview, make sure you allot yourself enough time to complete it. Be sure you are using a compatible device with a strong connection to reduce the possibility of encountering any technical difficulties during this interview. The web-based interview is compatible on all browsers.
  • If you are asked to schedule a phone interview, pick a time that works with your personal, school and work schedule. You should also pick a time when you will not be driving. Safety first!
  • If you need to reschedule your phone interview, please make sure you are selecting “reschedule interview” and not “cancel interview”. If you cancel your interview, you are indicating you are no longer interested in the program (and that is no fun), so it is extremely important to make sure you are clicking “reschedule interview”. You can only reschedule your interview two times so please make sure you aware of your availability ahead of time.  Also, we cannot assign you to a same-day interview so all interviews are scheduled for a future date and time.

Accepting your offer:

  • Congratulations, you have been accepted to the program! The first thing you need to do is accept your offer. Remember, you only have a few days to accept your offer. Make sure you are prepared to select your arrival/departure dates and pay your program assessment fee at the time of accepting your offer.

Arrival day preparation:

  • Please fill out the onboarding paperwork prior to your arrival and come prepared with the original documents needed for your I9 paperwork. Remember to print your boarding pass and itinerary, and if bringing a vehicle, your vehicle registration paperwork.
  • Are credit opportunities available? Talk to your school ahead of time and see if credit opportunities are available for your participation in our internship. If credit is not available, can you take some online classes to keep up with your academic schedule?

When you arrive:

  • The key to success on this program is to come with no expectations. Expectations only set you up to be potentially disappointed. Participate on the program with an open mind.  You wanted to work at the Magic Kingdom Park, but were placed at Epcot? While that may not have been your top choice of location, think of the exciting new people and diverse experiences you will have while working at that park.
  • Take advantage of the all the program has to offer. Utilize your park admission and discounts, attend Housing events, explore the Central Florida area, visit local beaches, and participate in career insights and networking events. The more you participate, the more you will learn and maybe make some great new friends in the process.
  • Enjoy the experience because it goes by very quickly! This truly is an internship of a lifetime that can shape your future career. Make the most of the opportunity, be safe and have fun!
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