Important Information About Employment Eligibility Documents

Ok, what’s it going to be this time?  Was it my toothbrush?  Or, was it an extra pair of socks?  Wait, my employment documents?!  We’ve all been there – gone for a short trip, or a long vacation, and we’re bound to leave something at home.

While we’ve got local stores to help replace toothbrushes and personal sock inventories, your employment documents aren’t going to be so quick to replace.

Maybe you have your documents, but keep reading to make sure they meet expectations. We want to keep you sailing through your arrival process.


So, what do employment documents have to do with your role?  As it turns out, a lot!  As you prepare to pack for your program, there are a lot of important things you don’t want to forget. Some of the most important things to remember are your valid employment authorization documents.  The I-9 Form is a document that must be completed by each and every employee working anywhere in the United States.  This document proves to the United States government that you are eligible to be employed in this country.  Without proper identification, you are not legally allowed to be employed in the United States.

The hassle and disappointment that follows when you realize you don’t have these documents for check-in can surely be avoided with a little pre-planning.  Otherwise, you’re left to figure out what to do next when your arrival week should be fun and rewarding while you meet new friends.

As we prepare for your arrival, we’ll be sending you information that’s important to your employment.  For those of you receiving links to our onboarding website and the New Hire Portal, information on the I-9 Form and what documents are acceptable can be found there.  Any document you provide for employment verification on the I-9 Form must be an original.  Copies of any document cannot be accepted Documents must also be unexpired in order to be valid for employment authorization purposes.

In the event you arrive for your program and you do not have the necessary documents to complete the I-9 Form, you will be unable to start work.

Any training or work schedules that have been prepared for you will be cancelled or postponed, and could jeopardize your participation in the program.

Please make every effort possible to remember your valid identification to ensure a smooth start to your program as there are absolutely no exceptions to this policy.


Some of the common issues that come up are pretty simple to correct:

  • Make sure your documents are signed if there is a line for a signature.
  • Read the fine print on your documents (and check the back)!
    • For example, if one of your documents indicates that it cannot be laminated, please make sure that it is not laminated as that makes it invalid.  If you run into this issue with one of your documents, please start the process of replacing it as soon as possible.
  • If one of your documents is expired, or will be expired by your check-in date, get the process started of renewing that document right away!

In the end, it’s not a terribly scary form, though it does look awfully intimidating.  Just read through all of the instructions and make sure you have valid forms of identification that are acceptable for the I-9 Form.  Once you have some ideas for your ID in mind, check back here and review this article again to ensure it looks good.  We want to make sure your arrival is as smooth as possible!

Stefanie, Disney College Recruiting