Human Resource Management Class Coverage

Are you interested in Human Resource Management? Are you wondering how Human Resources functions in a corporate setting?

We have a class for you!

The Disney Human Resource Management Course is a collegiate course that provides students an overview of Human Resource Management in a corporate setting. Students will get an understanding of the role that Human Resources play in any sized company whether it is from the perspective of being the only HR professional in a small company, to being a generalist or specialist in a large organization.

This course focuses on the broad concept of Human Resources while teaching the various functions that are needed for the company to be successful. The course will allow students to look at variations of Human Resource Management while surveying current trends that impact the workplace. The course familiarizes students with current theories, laws, and practices while allowing students to openly discuss and apply what they are learning to their experiences in the workplace. Staffing, training and development, motivation, maintenance, ethics, and social media are just a few of the topics covered.

Ryan, the instructor for Human Resource Management stated: “I hope my students get a strong understanding of the role Human Resource Management plays in any company, which is to try and balance the needs of the company and the employees, while maintaining an open, diverse environment.”

If you are interested in Human Resource Management, this class is for you! By combining Human Resource theories and real-life examples, this course will give students the advantage of practical and applicable knowledge for the Human Resources field.

Teagan, Disney Education Team


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