…so you can leave behind your snowy hometown to do the College Program and live out your dream (while earning academic credit and a weekly paycheck)

Many of our interviewers are former Disney College Program participants, so we get it. This internship would change your life. Forever. In awesome ways. We empathize, and we want you to do your best. So here are some tips for acing your interview:


Don’t apologize for loving Disney.

We’re glad to know that you love our company! Please tell us about your passion! We’re hoping every student we speak to will be familiar with the Disney brand which could include watching the Disney Channel and Disney movies, listening to Radio Disney and visiting our theme parks worldwide.


Remember to include volunteer experience on your application.

Some students think if they aren’t paid to do something, that it wasn’t “real work.” That’s simply not true. We’re interested in learning about your experiences and skills. So if you worked in a thrift store and used a cash register and interacted with customers, that’s relevant and impressive experience.


When you list the names of your employers on your application, please put the name of the company you worked for (rather than the name of your boss).

For example, if you worked at Joe’s Pizza Shop, please put “Joe’s Pizza Shop” as your employer rather than Joe Smith (your boss).


If you have already worked for Disney, please put that on your application.

Believe it or not, some of our former participants forget to include their Disney experience on their applications. Apparently they think we already have this information (which we do, but it takes some time to access). So please include details about your dates of employment and work location(s) for any experience you have with The Walt Disney Company.


Be familiar with the Disney College Program.

You should thoroughly examine our web site. You should know about each component – living, learning, and earning – of the program. And if you can, please talk to previous Disney College Program participants (a.k.a. “alumni”).


Be familiar with the roles you are applying for.

We’re impressed when students are open to a variety of different roles – especially our “Fab Five” roles (quick-service food and beverage, merchandise/retail, attractions, custodial, and lifeguard). You should be excited about everything you check off because if the interview goes well, you could receive an offer for anything that you have marked off. So if you would not accept an offer in a particular role, then do not check it off on the role checklist.


Although you might be open to many roles, be prepared to tell us the three roles you are most interested in and most qualified to perform.

These choices should be supported by your previous work experience and/or major. So if you want to land a job at the front desk of a resort, then consider majoring in hospitality and working at the front desk of a local hotel prior to applying for the Disney College Program.


If you are interested in auditioning for the role of character performer, please check the list of regional auditions (on our web site) and be prepared to tell us which audition you will attend.

If you are unable to make one of the Disney College Program auditions, then do not select character performer on the role checklist.

Please note that if you participate in the program in another role, about six weeks prior to your departure date, there may be an opportunity to audition for character performer in Orlando. If you pass the audition, you might have the chance to extend your program in entertainment.


SusanDisney Campus Recruiting