Disney International Programs are more than just a work experience. This “rewarding adventure that could change your life” offers a lifestyle filled with living, learning and earning. Recently, we spoke with one of our Italian Cultural Representative Program participants, Daniele.

Daniele has been working in the Italy pavilion in Epcot since August 2014. During his Disney Journey, Daniele has taken part in a multitude of enrichment opportunities. These include his involvement in both our educational opportunities in the classroom, as well as on stage learning opportunities as a Merchandise Trainer.

While working a full-time schedule, Daniele still managed to take advantage of courses offered through the Disney Internships and Programs Education Office. Daniele accomplished this by setting personal goals, as well as having a clear line of communication with his location leaders. Daniele successfully completed a Career Development Workshop and a Human Resource Management course. He emphasizes the importance of self-enrichment, and how these offerings by Disney are connected to his career aspirations.


During his time at Disney, Daniele has placed emphasis on the differences that distinguish an individual from simply being a shop assistance, and being a cast member. Daniele’s work ethic naturally shined, as he discussed his belief that his role is much more than just a job, but rather an experience. He explained the attraction of the countries in Epcot, and how the cast members are what make this park such an exciting adventure for our guests. Not only does he want the guests to feel like they are experiencing the magic of Walt Disney World Resort when visiting the World Showcase in Epcot, but also the wonders of Italy. He strives to tell the story of his country, and share the hospitality of Italy through a combination of patience, politeness and entertainment.

Once Daniele’s program ends, he dreams of applying the sought-after skills he learned during his time on-stage and in the classroom, into a career filled with opportunities to impact those around him.

Kylan, Disney International Recruiting