The beauty about being a part of the Global Recruitment Marketing team at Disney is that our work is not limited to partnering with one segment, let alone, one line of business, of our vast company. With the different needs of the clientele and constantly changing environment that we’re all subjected to, our team sure has our work cut out for us. Whether it’s promoting our new roles posted on the website, shooting videos and photos to promote the Disney International Programs, or even posting a new role for The Walt Disney Studios, our team has it covered. However, with that in mind, it means our team is that much more dynamic! In addition, this dynamic duo of the Global Recruitment Marketing team, Jule and Abbie, can tell you about how they thrive on the team’s energy and still deliver with the utmost guest (client) satisfaction!

Jule – Account Management, Undergraduate Associate

pispot_jule1My name is Jule and I’m an account management intern on Disney’s Recruitment Marketing team. I work on marketing strategies for jobs across the entire Disney Enterprise. This includes: Disney Parks & Resorts, Disney ABC Television Group, ESPN, Disney Consumer Products, Disney Interactive and The Walt Disney Studios. The fact that I get to work on projects for all of these different areas of the company is the best part of my job. I get exposure to so many unique businesses, so, I’m never bored.

Ever since I participated on the Disney College Program, I wanted to return to work for the Company. When I graduated and landed this Professional Internship – it was a dream come true. I love being able to spend time in the parks during my days off and watching fireworks every night. After my internship ends, I hope I can stay with the Company in a communications or marketing role. Until then, I’ll be meeting as many people and learning as much as I can to make it happen.

Abbie – Creative Design, Undergraduate Associate


My role as a Disney Professional Intern is the creative intern, for the Global Recruitment Marketing Team.  I am the kind of person who loves to consistently learn new things and to multitask – this internship lets me do just that!  I am able to work with every segment of The Walt Disney Company through social, print and digital design; so, my role as a graphic designer changes every day.  During my senior review in college I was asked, “If a company asked you to do a project that was against your moral belief, would you quit?”  To that question I answered “Yes, but it would be my fault for not researching and knowing the company before applying.”

The Walt Disney Company is well known for its heritage and environment that allows creativity, diversity, and equality.  I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would want to be. Also, the benefits are pretty great! The Global Recruitment Marketing Team has showed me how much of an impact so few people can create in a large corporate company.  After my internship comes to a close, I absolutely, plan on staying somewhere with The Walt Disney Company. Whether that means staying in Florida, or packing up my bags and starting a new adventure in another location, I just have to keep moving forward.


AJ, Global Recruitment Marketing