Make Friends and Memories Through Disney Housing Events

If you’re new to Disney Internships & Programs, you probably have a ton of questions about getting the best out of your Program and housing experiences. Here’s the scoop on making connections, attending housing events, and making the best of the Disney Internships & Programs bus transportation system at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

The beauty of Disney Housing is that it has the ideal set-up for meeting people. Participants are housed in similar complexes, so you’re guaranteed to have something in common with everyone. Plus, Disney Housing provides a lot of opportunities to get out and meet your neighbors.

The easiest way to make connections is to go on outings. You may decide to hang out with your roommate(s) upon moving into your new housing complex. Once you begin training for your role, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know fellow cast members from your work location.

Local Mix & Mingles

From day one, you’ll hear about the welcome events going on in the housing complexes. Welcome events are open to all participants, and they happen all the time because of all the new arrivals who check in throughout the season. You can bet that there will be free food and drinks at housing events, as well as plenty of chances to mix and mingle. That way, you get the chance to meet others, besides your roommates and the cast members in your work area.

What’s fun about housing events is that each one has its own theme. Mix & mingle events range everywhere from Let the Memories Begin, which hosts students and classic Disney characters, to “Shiver Me Timbers,” when students can indulge in the life of a pirate with familiar Disney characters.

Disney Housing even hosts sports events, like Soccer Fest so students can unite with casual competition and root for their roommates, neighbors and friends. Movie nights are no strangers to participants, either. Participants are welcome to bring their pillows and blankets and watch good movies (with free food and beverages, of course).

Bus Wheels Keep on Turnin’

If you don’t have your own means of transportation, or if you’re looking to save some money on gas, Disney Housing at the Walt Disney World Resort has an excellent transportation system. Not only do the buses travel to and from work locations, but they hit all the other essential stops, too: grocery stores, post office, bank, shopping mall and other areas of interest. The housing team even schedules monthly trips to farther locations, like the beach and Kennedy Space Center.

The bus system works a lot like public mass transportation in large cities. Therefore, it’s a good idea to arrive at the bus stop 15 minutes before the bus’ scheduled arrival. You may want to test the waters at first, too, and time how long your bus route takes to ensure a prompt work arrival.

With this information, your experience will be golden. Have fun on your stay, and welcome to the place where magic lives!

Communication Team, Disney Internships & Programs