Have you ever marveled at the love, adventure and stories in Carl and Ellie Frederickson’s “Adventure Book” in Disney/Pixar’s Up? Then, why not make your own Disney Programs scrapbook? Whether you have completed a program or are just beginning one, start capturing the adventure of your program with these Pinterest-worthy ideas.

Save everything.

You never know what will become a decorative resource. Park maps make for excellent scrapbooking material.

scrapbook_epcot_divequest Include those roommate-bonding moments.

This scrapbook page is dedicated to an adventure under the sea during the Epcot Aqua Seas Tour. My roommate, Brandi, and I took advantage of the spectacular cast discount and got a closer look at the fish, sharks, rays, turtles and more through a scuba-snorkel session in the aquariums at Epcot.

Don’t forget the holidays!

I used old sheet music to capture the melodious times of performing in the Cast Choir for the Candlelight Processional. The Candlelight Processional is a long-standing Disney tradition where choirs are joined by a 50-piece orchestra, while a celebrity narrates the Christmas story. I had the pleasure of singing with one of my all-time-favorite celebs, Neil Patrick Harris!

scrapbook_notsoscary Must-have photos.

These include yourself in your work location costume, as well as your costume for Mickey’s Not-So- Scary Halloween Party!

Remember, you EARned it!

A classic Service Celebration photo makes for a great final page in your scrapbook


As you head home from your Disney Program, a scrapbook is the perfect way to bask in true nostalgia. You’ll have a great time looking back on what you had accomplished, the friends you made, the laughs you shared and the memories you created.

CarolineDisney Internships & Programs Housing Communications Team