Gearing up for your Disney College Program Arrival

Group of arriving participants- August 2011

In the exciting weeks leading up to your Disney College Program arrival there is much to prepare for! From packing to paperwork to getting everything straight with school we want to help set you up for success. Your first few weeks on the program will fly by and it all starts with your arrival.

Most importantly, make sure to check your dashboard on our website. That is where all the important information we have sent you lives. Check this frequently so that you’re up-to-date and informed.

A couple key things to highlight are:
  • Online On-Boarding Paperwork
    • Make sure you have the newest version of Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete successfully.
  • Identification
    • Make sure you bring the proper forms of ID outlined on the site. This typically includes either a Passport or a Drivers License and a Social Security Card.
    • Please note: These must be the originals and cannot be a copy or be laminated, thank you!
  • Disney Look
    • Now is the time to ensure you are within the Disney Look guidelines, including attire and grooming.
    • Pack a few professional outfits for training and classes.
  • Check Your Email Regularly
    • If needed, we may send you an email requesting additional information.
Here are some other important tips for you to consider:
  • Speak with your faculty
    • Well before you depart, meet with your faculty contact to ensure you have filled out all the proper paperwork and processes for being away for a semester.
  • Register for Courses
    • If you have not already, take advantage of online registration for our Disney classes and seminars. You can do this on your onboarding site.
  • Vehicle Documentation
    • If you are bringing your car on the program, make sure you have a valid Driver’s License, the vehicle registration and the full insurance policy that is in your name.
  • Attention Lifeguards
    • Lifeguards, bring a bathing suit for your swim test upon arrival.
    • Females, it must be a one piece suit.

We cannot wait to greet you upon arrival. Congratulations again on your acceptance of the Disney College Program and if you should have any other questions, please feel free to email us at

Jennifer, Disney College Recruiting



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