Clubroom Thirteen501

This Spring the Clubroom Thirteen501 at the Disney Learning Center at Vista Way (FL) celebrated its five year anniversary. Simply named by its location at 13501 Meadow Creek Drive, the Clubroom originally opened as a wireless lounge and meeting place for program participants to work on group projects.

Clubroom Thirteen501During the past few years the Clubroom has evolved based on feedback from College & International Program participants. Instead of soft listening music participants are now offered access to a flat screen television with a DVD player. This first come first serve amenity provides a place for many participants to gather and enjoy their favorite television shows and movies together. Participants also regularly borrow games from the Disney Learning Center at Vista Way to play in the Clubroom. Some choose to use the Clubroom as a place to lounge and use the free Wi-Fi on their laptops.

Recently, Julia Castille spent time in the Clubroom and noted, “It’s a nice place to go sit down and watch TV or a movie. I came down tonight so my roommate could use our TV in our apartment to workout. The couch is pretty comfortable, and I was able to connect my phone to the Wi-Fi to go online while I was watching the movie. I may come back sometime with friends to play a game, maybe Apples to Apples.”

Clubroom Thirteen501 is a great place to relax away from the apartment for a few hours. The Clubroom is open 9 a.m. until midnight everyday!

Nicole, Disney Education Team