From College Program to Corporate Intern: The Ultimate Disney Experience

No two Disney stories are the same. Whether you start your adventure at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media or venture toward galaxies far, far away at Lucasfilm, there’s ample adventure to be discovered at The Walt Disney Company.

For Abigail, every one of her Disney internships was an opportunity to explore different sides of the company. Her story started in Florida, when she first joined the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World Resort.

She gathered valuable experience on the job, and applied her parks know-how to a video production internship at Disney Parks. Abigail then interned at Marvel Entertainment, working as a digital media design and production intern. Today, she’s supporting Corporate, interning in a creative design and copywriting role.

Here’s what Abigail had to say about her colorful Disney experience:


What did you study in college, and where did you study?

I studied Film/New Media at the College of William and Mary.


What is your current role at Disney?

I support the Global Security team as a Disney Worldwide Services Creative Design & Copywriting Undergraduate Associate (it’s a mouthful!). My day-to-day includes managing the Community Watch website, creating graphics for the Global Security team and gathering metric reports and analytics for various events/projects.



How did you get started at Disney, and why did you apply to the Disney College Program?

I got started at Disney through the Disney College Program, which was a lifelong goal after spending countless vacations interacting with cast members at the Disney Parks.


What was it like interning at Marvel?

Marvel is a highly interactive and innovative sector of The Walt Disney Company. Interning with the digital media team pushed me beyond my perceived boundaries with my motion graphics and editing. Leaving that internship left me better prepared for the rigorous challenges faced by creative professionals.


What was it like interning at Disney Parks?

The Parks team felt like family to me. My team played to my strengths and fostered the professionalism that I now exert in my proceeding roles. I can’t thank my leader enough for giving me the opportunity to interact and learn from his methods of production.


How would you characterize your Disney experience?

Disney has transformed me both professionally and personally. From being given the opportunity to learn and engage with the media world’s top professionals to learning the value an individual can contribute to the company and world at large, Disney has instilled values in me that I will carry on the rest of my life.



What do you like about interning at Disney?

I love interning at Disney for the lifelong friendships made, the valuable network connections forged and the park admission perks, of course!


pispot_abigail3What’s the Disney internship experience like, and how was it different across segments?

The Disney internship experience is structured to engage an intern professionally and socially. The company encourages making connections throughout the company, while pushing us to develop our skills to their standards. While each segment focuses on separate goals, the company as a whole shares the same values of respect, innovation and creativity.


What advice would you give to someone who is considering a Disney internship or already interns for the company?

I would advise prospective and current interns alike to seek out opportunities that may extend past the responsibilities of their roles. Meet as many people as you can and make yourself invaluable to the company. Hard work does not go unnoticed on the Disney lot!


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