Program Housing Accommodation Options in Florida

If you are participating in the Disney College or International Program at the Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll have the opportunity to pre-register for Housing in DORMS approximately ten days prior to your arrival date. We’ve featured articles on how the process works in the past, but also wanted to share a bit about what accommodations may be available when you register, to help you better plan your preferences and potential in finding roommates you’d like to live with.

Disney Housing offers one to four bedroom apartments within four different properties. Based on the square footage of the overall apartment, each may have 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 people living in them, with two or three people assigned to each bedroom (please note, only one and two bedroom apartments have triple occupancy bedrooms). Bedrooms with two occupants have two standard twin beds, and bedrooms with three occupants have one bunk bed and one platform bed with storage drawers beneath (see photo below). Each property has different options, floor plans and occupancy mixes, and weekly housing costs are based on apartment occupancy, number of bedrooms, property and amenities.

With so many options, how can you prepare prior to your registration window? First, consider your priorities. Any preferences you indicate are entirely based on availability, so make sure you are flexible, have a backup plan and are prepared for the possibility that your ideal scenario could be unavailable.

While there is the potential to roommate match with anywhere from one to seven individual(s), DORMS will only allow you to match with what is realistically available in inventory for the date of your arrival. Many times the system will be triggered to offer fewer matches. If your group has to divide, have you talked about who would room with who? Next, consider what is more important to you: a certain property or apartment size, or a certain cost? Staying in a room with triple occupancy offers a value rate compared to our double occupancy rooms, and triple occupancy is only available at The Commons, Chatham Square and Patterson Court.

We make every effort to honor roommate matches and preferences, but occasionally we cannot offer one or more of your first choices. Having the right mindset of this possibility and being open and flexible to the placement we can offer you will help you prepare for your registration and set you up for a seamless and positive arrival experience.

Christina, Disney Internships & Programs Housing