With Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars, Churros, Dole Whip, funnel cakes and more, there are plenty of divine treats; however, they are also- super-calorie-ific! Alas, have no fear because health nuts and sweet-tooths alike have a plethora of fitness opportunities at the Walt Disney World Resort, some of which are cast member-exclusive!

Be Well events


In June, we started summer off with sun salutations in front of Cinderella Castle. Not only was it incredible to face Cinderella Castle in our yoga poses, but also breathtaking as we watched the sun rise right behind it. While saying “Namaste”, everyone left feeling a little more flexible and a little less stressed!


Just a few weeks ago, fitness at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park was anything but chill, with several water aerobics, full-body conditioning, a walk up to Summit Plummet (of course, no running around the pools!), a creek crawl and a fair focused on healthy opportunities. Goofy and Minnie were there to cheer everyone on in reaching their fitness goals.


runDisney Races


Test your endurance and stamina with a runDisney race on either coast, or if you are up for the challenge – both!


Here is my training tip: take a jog through our many pristine resorts. Each resort has a well-marked trail, and it is truly the best way to get a full-view of the beautiful resorts.


Cast member sport leagues and tournaments


For those who have a competitive side, cast member sports leagues and tournaments make that easy with offerings of basketball, golf, softball, soccer and sand volleyball. For those whose motto is “slow and steady wins the race” then Cast Walking League might be your cup of tea. Regardless, Cast Walking League is a great chance to be social while getting your steps in.


Onsite fitness classes


If you’re a gym-junkie and fitness is a part of your daily routine, several ongoing fitness classes are offered to help cast members reach their fitness goals. Cast Fitness class offerings include Dance ‘n Tone, Fit 360, karate, kickboxing, meditation, pilates, self-defense, yoga, water aerobics, Zumba and even scuba diving.


Recreation and fitness facilities


Whether you are looking for a fun afternoon activity or a regular location to get in shape, there are many places to get your heart rate going. Mickey’s Retreat at Little Lake Bryan includes many outdoor activities such as kayaks, paddleboards, courts and fields. Cast members can also sign up for Mickey’s Cast Fitness Center for access to strength and cardio equipment. If you are looking to get in a quick workout, each Disney Housing complex also has its own gym.

I am already breaking a sweat just naming all the fun fitness opportunities for Disney Internships and Programs participants at the Walt Disney World Resort! I found that making fitness a top priority on my program was not only beneficial to my physical health, but also, my mental health. It truly helped me to remain focused and go after my dream of magic-making for The Walt Disney Company. There is also one more thing I must pass along: don’t forget to treat yo’ self while working hard on your program!

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