Preparing for your Disney College Program Arrival in Florida

It is that time of year where you are wrapping up your semester at school and preparing for your Disney College Program arrival! A few reminders we wanted to pass along to make sure you are ready for the adventure ahead.

Check your email like you do your social media accounts

  • Please make sure you are continuing to check your email frequently. We will send you communication prior to your arrival that will need your attention.
  • bunk_bed_study.Housing pre-registration information will be sent to your email account about 20 days prior to your arrival.
  • Please fill out your onboarding paperwork prior to arrival, as this will help expedite your arrival process.
  • Make sure you are obtaining the proper work authorization documentation to successful complete your I9 form.
  • Continue to check your email, spam and promotions folders for additional authorization forms that may need to be completed prior to your arrival.

Class just got a little more magical

  • edu_marketingyou_penny_thumbIt is a great idea to schedule some time with an academic advisor or an internship director at your college or university. Make sure your school knows that you will be away for a semester, and more importantly, see if you are able to earn college credit for your College Program! Most majors will require an internship in order to graduate, and it’s in your benefit to explore credit opportunities before your program starts.

Home away from home

  • We know that for many of you, this may be the first time living away from home. All of the apartments are fully furnished with necessities, so you won’t have to worry about bringing things like dishes, plates or silverware.
  • decor_framesIf you cannot get your day started without a hot cup of coffee, you may want to bring along your favorite coffee maker!
  • Some of the key things you should pack are bedding items (blankets, sheets), professional attire (for classes and training), proper dress shoes and a television.
  • Don’t forget to bring your favorite decorating items, to help make your apartment feel more like home!

Don’t forget to bring a jacket

  • smile_thumbFor many of you, this may be your first time living in Florida. It can get very hot and humid here in the summers and it can get very chilly in the November/December months. You want to make sure you bring with you summer attire AND some winter attire as well. There are times you will be wearing a tank top and shorts one day, and the next day, you can be wearing jeans and a sweater. Make sure you are packing all the essentials for all types of weather conditions.
  • It will rain here almost every day in the summer, so don’t forget to pack an umbrella!


Get Excited!

  • You’ve earned a fantastic opportunity to come and work for one of the world’s most recognized and loved companies. This is a life-changing experience that really is what you want make of it.  Where else can you work for one of the top companies in the world and on your day off, get to play in the parks! You not only get to be the one to create the magic, but also, you can be a part of experiencing the magic too. There are so many experiences to gain while on the program so make sure you take advantage of all the learning and benefits this program has to offer, but most importantly…have fun!
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