Exploring Environmentality and Sustainability: Protecting the Planet One Class at a Time

Do you care about conservation? Are you passionate about preserving the environment?

Exploring Environmentality and Sustainability is one of the seminar offerings for Disney College and International Program participants. This seminar was created to cater to natural science majors but with the intent that all disciplines could participate as well. The class covers The Walt Disney Company’s green initiatives and corporate social responsibility, with an emphasis on the eco-friendly strategies of the Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts. Students gain knowledge on how Disney incorporates environmentality into the parks’ animal sciences, horticulture, entomology, technology, and more. During engaging field experiences, students are exposed to real life examples within Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

In an interview with the facilitator, Jeff explained that his eight years of professional experience as a Guest Service Manager at Disney’s Animal Kingdom sparked his interest and ignited his passion for the environment. He had a front-row seat to the action and crossed paths with truly devoted Cast Members that are dedicated to protecting the planet. It was then that Jeff was able to create the contacts that now come to his class as guest speakers. The newest addition to the course is a “green panel” (similar to CPASS events) with partners across the properties. During this unique networking opportunity, the leaders describe their roles, Disney careers, and previous and current projects.

Jeff aims to inspire students to make little changes to help the environment and instill a sense of higher purpose and global citizenship. He hopes to motivate them to recycle in their apartments and join their department’s Green Team during their program. When students return to school, Jeff hopes they can start a ripple effect, create waves, and influence others.

Jeff advises Program participants to, “Make time for classes during your internship. There will be a lot going on, but invest your time in any of the seminar and collegiate courses. The opportunity cost is too great to let it pass by. Getting involved in any of the Educational offerings will be time well spent. Make the conscious decision to dedicate some of your fun time to a class.” One of his favorite aspects of this seminar has been watching his former students grow and come back to complete Professional Internships. He looks forward to seeing where and when the rest of his planted seeds will bloom.


 Gloria, Disney Education Team


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