Experience unique ways to have fun in the parks on your Disneyland internship

Are you looking for a professional career with The Walt Disney Company? If so, then the Disneyland College Program may be the perfect way for you to get your foot in the door and make a name for yourself.  

During your internship, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with professionals, attend professional development offerings and set yourself up for success. But as you’re planning for your program and thinking about ways you can impress leaders and land a career at Disney, remember to plan ahead for a little fun, too. 

I’ve seen so many participants spend their entire program so focused on what’s next that they often forget about what they currently have in front of them – an amazing internship at the Happiest Place on Earth. Don’t let that happen to you! 

I admit I was probably one of these participants. Okay, I definitely was. Then, as my program was winding down and I landed my next role with the company, I decided to experience the theme parks like never before. Check out my bucket list of unique ways to have fun at Disneyland Resort during your program. Remember, these are more fun when you experience them with a group of your Disney College Program friends!  

1). If it’s on the map, do it! – Tape the theme park maps on your door and make it your goal to experience every attraction and show before the end of your program. Once you experience something, cross it off on your map. Can you see and do it all? Of course! 

I decided to do this because I found myself spending my days off at the same park and attractions. I love Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, so those were the first things I did every day. But there’s so much more! I promise you, you’ll discover some hidden gems in the parks and you never know, you may just have a new favorite show or attraction when you’re done. 

2). Add some character to your program How many of you head to the parks and get your photo with Mickey and Minnie and those are the only character photos you get all day? Yep, that used to be me. 

Challenge yourself to see how many different character photos you can get during your program. Sure, you may not be interested in getting your photo taken with a princess, but a roommate photo with them is a lot of fun. And what other internship can you have this incredible opportunity?   

Make a photo album of all your photos. I know, it’s much easier to post them on social media, but you can do that too. You may not appreciate the album at the time, but trust me, you will later. We hear all the time from participants who say that returning home after the program is depressing and they didn’t realize how amazing the program was until it was over. Going through these character photos and remembering the fun times you had with your roommates will definitely put a smile on your face. 

3). Sweet treats and delicious eats Disneyland Resort is filled with some spectacular dining opportunities and snack options. My favorites are the specialty treats scattered throughout the parks. You’ve all probably heard of the pineapple dole whip, but did you know that Disneyland also has other amazing flavors? We’re also known for our homemade toffee and it’s something you don’t want to miss. 

You’d be surprised how many ways Disney can take a regular churro and make it the best thing you’ll eat all week. My favorite during my program was getting an ice cream sundae on Main Street, U.S.A and sitting on a bench and watching the people. I loved looking at all the families on vacation and seeing them smile and dance along to the music.  

Bread shaped like Mickey Mouse? Check. Caramel apples that look like Olaf? Yep. Whatever your sweet tooth desires, Disney has it. Try it all and don’t forget to take selfies with your snacks and share them on social media. You’ll make your friends back home jealous…and hungry!  

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