Expand your Career Development Knowledge

Internship opportunities are known for developing participants’ practical work skills, but here at Disney, we like to take it one step further!

Florida-based Disney College Program participants are invited to partake in cost-free Career Development Workshops. As part of the learning component, Career Development Workshops are designed to provide participants with the information, tools and resources necessary to succeed in their professional paths.

The workshops consist of six topics:

  • Résumé Writing – The do’s and don’ts to producing a résumé that positively stands out
  • Acing the Interview – Confidently approach your next interview using the skills and suggestions taken from this workshop
  • Personal Branding – How to apply brand management to your personal career aspirations Networking 101 – Learn the skills to being an effective networker
  • Presentation Skills – Gain insight into the most professional ways to engage an audience
  • Professionalism – An introduction to standard business etiquette and the impact of credibility

Participants who complete at least five different workshops will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the semester.

Career Development Workshops are just another way Disney Internships and Programs aims to provide participants with living, learning and earning environments filled with personal and professional growth.

KylanDisney Education Team
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