EDU 2.0 is a communication resource like none other!  It gives our Disney College Program participants the ability to make the absolute most out of their program via a one-stop-shop communication and resource masterpiece!

Available to participants at the Disneyland Resort, EDU 2.0 is an excellent way to connect directly with other program participants.  A critical component to building a sense of community!

Upon arrival, EDU 2.0 becomes their central location for all things “communication.”  Here, our participants can connect with all things Education to stay on top of all their class assignments, network with other participants as well as receive daily updates and weekly messages containing information about all the great events coming their way!

It’s all fun and games until someone forgets an assignment, or worse, they forget it’s apartment inspection time! Communication is key and it works both ways.  We’ve come a long way from sending direct email communication to our participants. That’s so 2010! Now they have the ability to interact with us on a daily basis while staying well informed about this extraordinary experience!

Lianne, Disney College Program – Disneyland Resort Housing