It is certainly no secret that the living experience is a critical component to our participants’ overall experience on the program and no doubt, an extraordinary one as well.

Therefore, it is our primary goal when placing participants in their housing assignment to meet individual needs and preferences based on information provided to us by participants prior to their arrival.

Approximately 20 days prior to arrival, all Disney College Program, Disney Culinary Program, and Disney International Programs participants at the Walt Disney World Resort will receive an email.

Be sure to add to your address book to ensure delivery of your invitation to pre-register.


Within DORMS, participants may be able to indicate preferences for:

  • Apartment Community (apartment complex)
  • Unit size
  • Name(s) and roommate number(s) of individuals with whom they would like to live


We will do our best to accommodate all preferences, but we cannot guarantee any specific placement requests.


How We Assign Apartments & Roommates

Participants who request to live in the same apartment must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be in pre-registration status (received DORMS pre-registration email with Roommate ID)
  • Share the same arrival week and departure date
  • Same Gender



Because participants will now arrive with their Housing paperwork and will already have an apartment assignment, upon arrival participants will immediately pick up their keys and begin the move in process.

  • Participants are no longer asked during check-in for their apartment complex and unit size preferences since this information is collected in DORMS prior to arrival.
  • In order to request to reside with multiple people in a single apartment unit, it is not necessary to check-in together
  • Those choosing to line up at 7am will have no advantage over anyone arriving later in the day in regards to obtaining an apartment or roommate of choice. Everyone has an equal opportunity to indicate their preferences prior to arrival in DORMS.
Participants who did not complete the pre-registration process will not be placed pre-arrival and will be processed in a ‘stand-by’ queue.

Upon arrival they will be asked to log-in, pre-register and print out arrival documents prior to placement. As placement will have already occurred, unit availability will be very limited to those that arrive without pre-registering.

We strongly encourage everyone to participate in Housing pre-registration.


How DORMS Works

Below is a step-by-step guide to the DORMS system complete with screenshots and tips on completing each section.

Click to expand each section.

All participants on the Disney College Program, Disney Culinary Program, and Disney International Programs at the Walt Disney World Resort will receive information via email approximately 14 days prior to their scheduled arrival date.

This email will contain information about DORMS, including the participant’s roommate number and a unique password.  This is not the same password used for the Applicant Dashboard.

Be sure to add to your address book to ensure delivery of your invitation to pre-register.

Upon first log in, one will be prompted to change this password.

Participants will be asked to fill in their permanent postal address which will be used to complete the Housing forms (Community Codes, Payroll Deduction Form, and Alcohol Policy Form (if applicable) in the next section.

They may also indicate if they would like to request ADA Housing, Married/Same Gender Domestic Partnership Housing or, if they are over 21, opt into Alcohol Prohibited housing.


If a participant will be bringing a vehicle, they will be asked to provide additional information regarding their car so that a parking sticker can be issued to them during check-in.  Participants must bring their current vehicle registration, proof of insurance in their name, and a U.S. driver’s license to check-in to receive a parking sticker.

Those who indicated they were bringing their own vehicle on the previous screen will be prompted to complete the Vehicle Decal Agreement.  Anyone who is not bringing their own vehicle will continue to the forms pages.

The information collected on this agreement is used to populate a printable copy of the form in a later step.


This area is dedicated to completing Housing paperwork:

  • Community Codes Form
    These are the rules and regulations that all residents of Vista Way, The Commons, Chatham Square, and Patterson Court must abide by.
  • Payroll Form
    This form authorizes the weekly payroll deduction for the weekly housing fee
  • Alcohol Policy Form
    This form is an acknowledgment of the rules and regulations of living in an Alcohol Prohibited apartment.

    • This form will be required of all participants living in our housing complexes who are under the age of 21 upon arrival.
    •  Any participant over the age of 21 who indicated a desire to live in an Alcohol Prohibited apartment on their Participant Profile Page will be required to complete this form in DORMS.
  • Vehicle Agreement Form
    Printable version of the form completed on the previous screen.  Necessary to register a vehicle with the Disney Housing Team and to obtain a parking sticker.

    • Participants who are not bringing a vehicle will not be asked for this form.


Here one may indicate that they wish to be randomly assigned to roommates or they may be able to submit a request to reside with specific individuals.

Please keep in mind the number of roommates that may be available to link to will range from 0-7 depending on the arrival date and available inventory.  The number of roommate links available for the specific arrival date will be communicated in the initial pre-registration email as well as on this screen.

If you are choosing to select roommates, please select one person in your group to login and register for housing first. This person will need to know each person(s) roommate number (found in their registration email) as well as the complex and unit size preferences.

Once the first person logs in and registers for housing, each linked person will receive a confirmation email to login and either complete their own registration by accepting the roommate match and housing preferences or break the match and reset their housing preferences.

If someone selects to break the match, they will not be able to link to that same person(s) again. However, they will be able to link to other eligible participants from their arrival date.

All persons will need to complete the registration process after the first person registers in order to confirm the match and obtain the required onboarding paperwork for their housing arrival.


Although we do our best to accommodate all preferences, we cannot guarantee any specific placement requests.

Incoming participants may indicate their preferences for apartment complex and unit size by rearranging a listing of all complexes/units available for their arrival date.

Please note if an apartment complex and/or unit is not listed on your screen, that indicates that it isn’t an option for your arrival date.  Only available options will be available for ranking.


If “I want to specify my housing preferences” is checked, a listing of the available apartments will be presented.  The incoming participant may rearrange these options in order of their preference with the top most listed option being their top preference and the bottom option being their last preference.


Although we do our best to accommodate all preferences, we cannot guarantee any specific placement requests.

3 Person Bedroom

3 Person Bedroom

Two Person Bedroom

2 Person Bedroom

Upon submission, a participant will be presented with an onboarding pass.  They should print this onboarding pass and all of the forms to bring with them to check-in.


For 72 hours, one may return to DORMS and revise any of the information they provided during the pre-registration process.  This includes changing any provided vehicle information, or apartment complex/unit size preferences.

One may also break matches to specific roommates.  Please keep in mind if a match is broken, they will not be able to link to that person again.

Shortly before an arrival day, the Disney Housing team will lock the system and no additional revisions can be made.  However, one may still return to DORMS to print their onboarding pass and forms.


I hope this overview of the pre-registration process has been helpful and answered questions you may have had.  All of us are looking forward to welcoming all future participants to one of our apartment complexes!

Chris, Disney Internships & Programs Communications