Some of you have already accepted an offer to join our Disneyland College Program in the spring and many more will receive an offer over the next few months. We can’t wait to welcome you to our Disney family in early January!  

As you start preparing for your move to California and the beginning of your life-changing internship, we know that you’ll have a lot of questions along the way. One of the most popular questions we receive each season is about transportation and how you’ll get around Southern California during your program. 

My biggest piece of advice is this: if you have the ability to bring your car, bring it. Disneyland® Resort is about two miles away from Carnegie Plaza (our housing complex) and that can be a long walk, especially late at night after your shift. There’s so much to see and do in Southern California and having a car allows you the opportunity to experience everything this area has to offer, including numerous beaches, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Disney’s Corporate Headquarters in Burbank, the arts and culture in Los Angeles and numerous sporting events, just to name a few.  

We have gated parking garages for our participants to park their vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place on the street to park every day. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay for that parking spot, which is a huge perk in Southern California.   

If you don’t (or can’t) bring your own vehicle, that’s no problem at all! We also have other transportation options available.  

One option is to take the public bus to Disneyland Resort every day. We have a bus stop a block or so away from our apartment complex and you’d be surprised how many of our participants ride it every day. The best thing is, it’s free for Disneyland cast members! Just remember, it’s a public bus, which means it’s available to anyone and not just Disney College Program participants. 

Once you arrive, you can sign up for our Commuter Assistance Program and you’ll get a complimentary bus pass for your program. Every day you use it and log your commutes through their program, you’ll even receive money back on your paycheck for utilizing smart transportation options! 

Another option is to walk or ride a bike. Do you remember how many miles away we are from Disneyland? That’s right…two miles. Our weather is generally beautiful and many of our participants love this option because it can actually be quicker than taking the bus. We even have secure bike lockers at the apartment complex and on property for you to store your bike. Just be aware that some of your shifts may end late and traffic can be pretty hectic. Also, Carnegie Plaza is located in Downtown Anaheim, so if you plan on walking, I highly recommend walking with a group of people. This option is also part of our Commuter Assistance Program and you’ll be rewarded if you log your commutes.  

If you can’t bring a car but none of these other options seem like something you’re interested in, you can always try and carpool with some of your roommates or friends you meet on the program. It can be a little challenging because you may not have the exact same work schedule, but this option works great for getting to class. Don’t forget, our educational classes are mandatory and most of them take place on Disney property…which is two miles away.  

Many of our participants prefer to carpool because it makes them feel comfortable traveling with others. Usually, they’ll commute with their roommates or friends they meet on the program. Believe me, you’ll meet new friends right away and the best part is, this option is also part of our Commuter Assistance Program!   

When you first arrive, you’ll have a few days where you won’t be working or have many scheduled activities. Make sure to think about your transportation options and actually take the commute once or twice before you start working. You’ll get a good feel for what works for you and it’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about once you start working.   

BrandonDisneyland Housing Communication