A Time To Celebrate: Disneyland Fall 2013 Service Celebration


This is always a bittersweet time for both our Disneyland Resort Disney College Program Participants and our staff.  It’s that time of year where we celebrate successes and gear up for good-byes.

Except, in one magical evening last week, there was nothing but pure celebrating going on and by all accounts, it’s seems to have been a tremendous success!

Madeline Des J. (University of California- Berkeley) said, “The Disney College Program Celebration was a wonderful mixture of everything I loved about the program. There was the opportunity to connect and network with executives during the dinner portion of the evening and then the chance to have fun with fellow participants and celebrate the wonderful friendships I’ve made during my time here. Not to mention, getting to say hello to the boss himself – Mickey Mouse!”

Lisa F. (San Francisco State University) simply stated, “It was an amazing night to celebrate with the people who have become my Disney family in this program. It was fun to just dance, party and celebrate all we have been through the last four months together.”


During their time on the program, participants are surrounded with opportunities to hone their guest service skills, make dreams come true for our guests, and learn all about how strong leadership is a key factor in building a successful and sustainable organization.  So it’s no wonder that participants get a little “star struck” when they are in the presence of great leadership.

Here’s what a couple of students shared about the experience.

Quang H. (University of Illinois – Champaign)  said it was a blast! He added, “Being able to sit at the executive’s table was a thrill in itself. It was breathtaking being able to eat the same food and sit at the same table with great role models. The celebration itself was phenomenal. We have all grown so much since the welcome party, everyone’s first gathering. Last night was not only a celebration of our accomplishments during the program, but also a celebration commemorating the relationships we have all made here with everyone. We are all one big family and it was great to see that shine last night.”

Pierre S. (University of California Berkeley)  mentioned how he was nervous.  He said, “A couple days ago, a fellow Disney College Program friend of mine was explaining to my new Brazilian roommate the American expression: “butterflies in my stomach.” As she was talking, I immediately thought about the butterflies I had in my stomach when I was informed I was going to be sitting at the executive table at the Disney College Program celebration. However, as soon as I took a seat at the table and began talking to executive Mr. Daniel Delcourt, the butterflies immediately went away. He made me feel comfortable, at home, and inspired. The night blossomed into a magical evening.”


All in all, this celebration is the culmination of several months of relationship building, dream making and personal development.  Whether with guests, leaders or each other, our College Program participants will certainly go home with one thing in common:  having made life-long relationships and a difference in the lives of many.

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