Disney College Program: Common Disneyland Transportation Questions

One common and popular question that we receive here in the Programs Office is: “How does transportation for the Disney College Program at the Disneyland Resort work?” We’ve often thought how cool and convenient it would be to sprinkle some pixie dust on ourselves and fly to work, but unfortunately, we don’t have a tiny little fairy to help us with that fantasy. And so transportation becomes a reality and as a result, questions about transportation need to be answered. Let’s see if we can answer a few for you here:

Do I have to bring a car to California for participation on the Disney College Program?
Although bringing a vehicle is an option and may be convenient for participants who wish to explore the many sites in the Southern CA area, it is certainly not required. There are several forms of transportation that in partnership with the Disneyland Resort, are presented as options through our Commuter Assistance Program.


commutercard.2jpgWhat is the Commuter Assistance Program?
The Commuter Assistance Program is a program that is offered to the employees of The Walt Disney Company. Commuter Assistance recommends many different types of transportation options to current Disney College Program participants such as:

  • Bicycle Program
  • Bus
    • OCTA bus riders receive a free annual bus pass provided through Disney
  • Carpool Parking
  • Clean Air Commuting
  • Emergency Ride Services
  • Personalized Commute Planning
  • Ride Matching
  • ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation)
    • The Anaheim Resort Transportation shuttle stops at various hotels around the Anaheim area and the Disneyland Resort. Transportation from Downtown Anaheim is complimentary for Disney Cast Members.


If I want to walk or ride my bicycle to work, how far is it from the resort?
Many participants walk or ride their bicycle to and from work; housing is approximately two miles away from the Disneyland Resort.


What if the buses aren’t running after my shift?
OCTA Buses ceases operation between 1:10am and 4:00am each day with the last bus departing at 1:10am right outside of the resort. If you are scheduled shifts that will not accommodate the 1:10am pick up and you do not have an alternative source of transportation, the Commuter Assistance Program offers after hours pick up to transport you home.


If I bring a car, where do I park?
Disney College Program Housing offers parking in two locations; underneath the building and in a parking structure located within a short walking distance of our housing complex. All parking assignments are distributed through a random selection process.


What if I have Visitors? Where do they park?
Assigned complex parking is exclusively for our residents. All visitors must park in public designated parking spaces across the street from our housing complex.


We hope this information helps those of you considering your transportation options and whether or not to bring a car. You will receive additional information about the Commuter Assistance Program, including how to sign up, upon arrival.

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