As a Disney College Program participant, you have the chance to be part of something amazing. Not just the program itself, but also so many other exciting things that happen within the program. From the opening of new attractions and shows, to milestone anniversaries and celebrations, all of these opportunities make your internship experience something you’ll never forget. 

On July 17, our Disneyland participants in California will take part in a celebration that no other group of participants will ever witness…the 64th anniversary of Disneyland® Resort! The entire week will be filled with Cast celebrations, special birthday treats and unique Disneyland history and heritage moments that will inspire everyone. 

Incredible Disney milestones like this are like a badge of honor for Cast Members because it’s such a privilege to work at a place that’s been making people happy and putting smiles on their faces for so many years.  It also gives us time to reflect upon what it means to be part of such a huge milestone within The Walt Disney Company and at Walt Disney’s original theme park. 

Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” 

It’s an honor to watch the resort grow and inspire millions from around the world. I feel so fortunate to put on my nametag every tag and call myself a Cast Member. 

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland Resort, then follow us on Twitter (@DLR_CP) and Instagram (@DLRCollegeProgram) and share with us some of your favorite memories at the parks. Each visit is truly remarkable and the memories that you have are something you’ll carry with you forever.  

Happy 64th anniversary, Disneyland! Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to so many people around the world, including our Disney College Program participants (past, present and future) 

BrandonDisneyland Housing Communication