Do you get nervous and tend to stress out before an interview? If you’re like me, you’re probably pacing with the phone for hours, anxiously waiting for it to ring. After all, this is the interview you’ve been waiting for your whole life and you want this job more than anything.

Believe me, you’re not alone! The nerves and excitement you’re experiencing are totally normal, and expected. I’ve put together a few things you can do to get yourself ready for your Disneyland interview so you can maximize your time on the phone to the fullest:


Relax – This seems so easy, but it’s also the most important thing you can do. I know that phone interviews make everyone nervous; I mean, what happens if my cell phone has bad reception? What if the call drops? What if I don’t get a chance to say everything I prepared to share? I have a cold, what should I do?

Don’t worry, we know that these things can happen and cell service can be unpredictable, at times. The best thing for you to do is take a deep breath and try to relax. Being nervous for an interview is natural, but this interview is probably much easier than you think…that’s because you know all the answers!

Your interview will focus a lot on your work experience and different skills you gained from those jobs. We’ll also ask you questions about the specific roles you applied for and how your skills fit into those roles. Make sure you know these roles, what the responsibilities are and why you’d be such a good fit for each one. And keep in mind the roles at Disneyland are different than the ones at the Walt Disney World Resort. The interview really focuses on YOU…something you should know a lot about!


Should I bring my car? – Every Disneyland interview will include this question: “Do you plan on bringing a car for your transportation?” If not, that’s perfectly fine! We’re not making all of our hiring decisions based on whether or not you bring a car. We just need to know because parking can be a challenge in Anaheim and for every participant bringing a car, we need to make sure we have a parking spot ready for them in one of the nearby parking garages. Be prepared to answer this question.

If you don’t bring a car, the public bus system has a bus stop a few blocks from our housing complex that many of our participants utilize. It’s also part of our Disney Commuter Assistance program that rewards participants for choosing smart transportation options, which also includes walking, biking and carpooling. Participants even receive a complimentary bus pass as part of the program.


Spring versus Spring Advantage – If you’ve looked at the application process, you’ve probably noticed that the Spring and Spring Advantage programs are both from January to August of 2017. What’s the difference?

Our Spring program is designed for participants who are moving to Anaheim and will live in our housing complex. The Spring Advantage program is designed for participants who live locally and already have housing. If you don’t already live a few miles from the Disneyland Resort, the housing component (Spring program) is probably the best option for you. Getting your own housing for seven months can be challenging and very expensive in Southern California.

Make sure you know which program you’re applying for when you interview…we will ask! I’ve seen so many people try to sort this out over the phone. They spend a few minutes trying to decide when they could be spending those minutes telling me more about their work experience and qualifications. Remember, you only have 20 minutes on the phone…make them count!


Disney Look – Most of you are aware that Disney has strict guidelines when it comes to look and appearance (this dates back all the way to when Walt Disney opened Disneyland). In your interview, you will be asked about tattoos and piercings. This is not the time to panic or stress out! We ask this question to everyone and it’s very important to know how many tattoos you have, where they are and how big they are.

The reason we ask this question is because all tattoos must be covered up while you’re working. We need to know this information because if you get hired, it’s our responsibility to place you in a role with a costume (your work uniform) that will allow you to cover these. Knowing this information ahead of time and being prepared can make this part of the interview really easy and give us more time to talk about other things, like work experience, roles and volunteer work you’ve done.


Any questions? – Everyone will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. Everywhere you look, people tell you that you need to ask questions because it makes it look like you really care. The reality is, everyone tells you that but they don’t tell you what to ask.

Here’s a fun fact to think about…over 75 percent of the people I interview ask me if I did the Disney College Program or they want to know how I got my start with the company. I LOVE talking about my program and my 12 amazing years working for the company. Believe me, I could talk to you for days about my incredible Disney experiences, but asking questions about me does one thing…it shifts the focus of the interview to me and not you.

Think about this; you have 20 minutes on the phone to talk about yourself and your skills and qualifications. You’ve been dreaming about working at Disneyland your whole life and this interview is your chance to make that happen. What do you truly want to know about the program or the Disneyland Resort?

Try to focus your questions on the program and utilize this opportunity to gain more knowledge about the internship. The most important part of the interview is YOU and the more I know about you, the easier it is for me to make my hiring decisions and find a spot for you on the program at the Disneyland Resort!


BrandonDisneyland Resort Housing Communications