Disney Provides a Learning Opportunity You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


The fall recruiting season is right around the corner and hundreds of college students are eagerly waiting for their chance to apply for the Disney College Program and have the opportunity to take part in the experience of a lifetime.

When you participate on the program, your incredible journey is made up of three different components: Living, Learning and Earning. While interviewing students for the program, I usually get some excellent questions about the Living and Earning components of the program, and also about what it’s like to work for an amazing company like Disney, but one of the more popular questions that I hear every season is, “Which class would you recommend for me?”

That’s an excellent question, and the best way for you to know which class to consider is by knowing a little bit more about the classes that we have to offer. Our participants have the opportunity to select which class they would like to take during each term. Most students select their classes based on not only what they find interesting, but also what they feel will benefit them the most and make them more marketable when the time comes to start looking for a professional job or career.

Here at the Disneyland Resort in California, the Learning component is required in order to successfully complete the program. California-based participants choose from the following classes each term (subject to change and based on availability):

Corporate Analysis – This class provides an organizational exploration of The Walt Disney Company and covers a variety of topics, including Disney corporate history, structure, governance, performance and culture. In addition, you’ll learn more about Disney’s concepts around innovation and technology, globalization, history and heritage, community responsibility and diversity and inclusion.

Marketing You – In this class, you’ll learn how to market your skills in communication, guest service, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-management and creative thinking. You’ll also learn how to develop a personal marketing plan, which includes a cover letter, resume and networking strategy.

Professional Development Study – This class gives you an overview of the Disneyland Resort. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore how specific organizational units at Disney are managed and how world-class guest service provides magical memories for Guests. Topics may include theme park operations, entertainment and lodging management.

Leadership Speaker’s Series – This class gives you the chance to hear senior leaders share their stories of challenges and triumphs as a leader at Disney. You’ll learn about the qualities that each speaker believes a person should have in order to make them a good leader. You’ll also see firsthand how certain experiences are translated into leadership skills and teachable moments. By learning how our successful leaders have made a difference as leaders in their work and community, you’ll discover success strategies that you can apply to your own career.

Blended Learning Series – This class is an alternative educational option designed to blend in-class learning opportunities with out-of-class activities, creating a more hybrid learning experience. You’ll also learn more about Disney heritage, communications and business leadership.


I hope you learned a little bit more about the classes that we offer here at the Disneyland Resort. As you can see, there are some excellent learning opportunities available that can give you important business philosophies that you won’t be able to learn anywhere else! Plus, these classes look fantastic on your resume!

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