Disney Professional Internship Spotlight – Andrew, Disney Cruise Line Recruitment



Close Up – Andrew, 21, wakes up in sunny Orlando, on a Friday morning. He prepares for work as a Disney Cruise Line Recruitment Coordinator Professional Intern.


Long shot – He drives off in his car to Celebration, home of Disney Cruise Line’s corporate offices.


Andrew hops in the elevator.


Andrew heads to his desk and sees…

Scratch that. Let’s backtrack.

Andrew grew up in Swartz Creek, MI, and studied finance at Eastern Michigan University. He started his Disney journey in fall 2013 as a Merchandise Host at Downtown Disney – West Side. Upon completion of his program, he returned to school, but quickly knew that he wanted to continue his Disney journey as a Professional Intern for Disney Campus Recruiting, as well as change his major to management because of his love for engaging with people. Both his role with Disney Campus Recruiting and familiarity in orienting new Cast Members served as a springboard into his current role with Disney Cruise Line (DCL) Recruitment.

Andrew thinks of recruiting as bringing people in to help spread magic and his daily tasks do just that. He serves as a contact for all questions regarding the recruitment process for DCL. A majority of his interaction with prospective and incoming crew members is done through email, as many are contacting him from all over the world. Once hired as a crew member, Andrew helps to plan travel from various hometowns to the DCL training out ports. He assists with itineraries, flight confirmations, hotel information and proof of employment.

pispot_andrew3The second major component of working in DCL Recruitment is operating the Sign-In classes. Sign-In classes are similar to Disney Traditions, the orientation for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts cast. International recruits from all over the world gather to learn about embarkation from ports, perks of working for The Walt Disney Company and company standards such as the Disney Look. This is Andrew’s favorite part of his role as he watches new and eager faces embarking on their own Disney journey. “I love the energy people have because it gives me energy. You see the flame and you are excited for them.”

Andrew practices good people and relationship skills at his role. His background and school education in public speaking, human resource knowledge, using Excel, practicing confidentiality, talent acquisition and every day business practices has supported him through completing recruitment tasks. His educational foundation assists him whenever he faces challenges on the job, such as technical complications. To make the most of a situation, Andrew aims to be as helpful as possible to recruits by doing all that he can, in the power he has, during times when technology is not operating. While exercising and strengthening his current skills, he hopes to learn other skills such as professionalism, networking and marketing himself.

To all program participants out there, Andrew emphasizes how important it is to take advantage of professional opportunities. “Once you leave the company, it is harder to come back, so take advantage of getting to know your leaders and network while you’re here.” For participants who have to return to school in order to graduate, Andrew suggests making a point of emailing your leaders about every month to check in, ask how they are doing and let them know where you stand in preparation for applying for roles within or outside The Walt Disney Company. On a more fun note, Andrew recommends that everyone make their own bucket list of fun things to do during their program or internship, both in and around the Walt Disney World Resort, make lots of friends and most importantly have fun!

In continuation of his Disney journey, Andrew desires a well-rounded experience. He hopes his journey will come full circle, from being an hourly cast member, to recruiting cast members, and someday, becoming a leader. Upon his April 2016 graduation, he hopes to fulfill this wish by landing a management internship. His method of success comes from his personal motto of, “Learn it. Do it. Succeed at it!”

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