Tell your Disney story through numbers

When thinking about The Walt Disney Company, often the first person who comes to mind is Walt Disney himself. He was the creative genius behind the company we all know and love. However, a person who is not as well-known as Walt himself, but was equally as instrumental in the success of The Walt Disney Company was Walt’s brother, Roy Disney. Roy played a pivotal role in ensuring the company made sound business and financial decisions. He was, without a doubt, a storyteller through numbers.

Throughout our company, we still utilize and rely heavily on cast members who tell their stories through numbers. Whether it is using data and metrics to drive ideas, statistical analysis or market trends to develop a plan or a pro forma to build a business case for funding, we use numbers every day to make critical decisions to shape the future of The Walt Disney Company.

No matter the segment or department, using numbers to tell the business story is crucial and interns are often leveraged to help tell that story. No matter what your numbers passion is – data analytics, financial analysis, or even tax filings – we have internships that cover it all. Here’s a look into some of the exciting ways you can tell a story through numbers at Disney:

  • Consumer Insight, Measurement & Analytics – This team actively gathers data and analyzes that data to gain insight into consumer behaviors. This data is then used to inform strategy or business development teams with their decision-making process.
  • Business Development – Under the business development roles, you will partner with Consumer Insight, Measurement & Analytics teams in order to gain insight and identify strategic opportunities to present to leadership.
  • Project Finance – With the project finance teams, you will develop pro forma’s and capital requests to gain funding approval, and then track those expenditures throughout the life of the project.
  • Operations Finance – Working with operations finance, you will assist with Annual Operating Plans, Long Term Plans, Forecasting of the Profit & Loss Statement and ad hoc analysis.
  • Forecasting & Planning – The forecasting and planning roles entail consolidating information from various lines of business in order to predict future consumer behaviors.
  • Reporting – As a publicly traded company, we are required to disclose information to the public regarding how our company has done in the prior quarter/year. This type of role consolidates that information for public release.
  • Corporate Tax – As with any for-profit company, tax filings are a necessary part of our operation. The tax team ensures all tax filings are accurate and filed in a timely manner.

As you can see, there are numerous opportunities, company-wide, to tell the story through numbers. If you’re interested in one of the roles above, or one similar in nature, check out and search for keywords such as “analytics”, “finance”, “reporting” or “tax”.

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