So, It’s your first week at Disney on a Disney International Program…What can you expect? What will your schedule be like? Who will you meet? Where will you live?

This is an exciting time! It may be your first time in the United States, or, your first time living away from home. What should you prepare for?

Business first, it’s very important to prepare your Immigration Envelope before you leave home. Include your signed Onboarding Paperwork, DS2019, and passport with 1-94 card. You will need all these documents during your first week in the states.

Next step, book your flight to Orlando and check your email often. We’ll email suggestions on transportation to get to Disney Program Housing from the Orlando International Airport.

Quick Tip: Exchange some currency for US Dollars before you leave home (enough for 2 weeks). Don’t forget to inform your credit card / debit card companies that you’ll be in the US.

We’ll also email information detailing where to meet at Disney Program Housing. The Disney Service Center Team will greet you, tell you which Apartment Complex you’ll be living in, and give you your keys. They’ll also help with your luggage and take your over to your apartment.

Quick Tip: Be sure to pack a towel, pillow, and blanket for your first night in housing!

When you get your keys, you will also receive your itinerary for the next 3 -4 days of Orientation. You’ll have Information sessions, Paperwork sessions, and formal training during these first days.

Quick Tip: Your first day of paid training is called Disney Traditions. Bring Professional Business Attire for this day.

Transportation will be provided from your apartment complex to each location, and details can be found on your itinerary. Transportation is also available from your apartment complex to shopping centers and grocery stores, so that you can stock up on all the essentials during your free time.

You will find out your exact work location and the rest of your training schedule during Disney Traditions. Naturally, we’ve saved this exciting day for your last day of Orientation!

If you have any questions feel free to review your Onboarding section on the Disney International Programs web site prior to arrival.

Natasha, Disney International Recruiting