As we all know, there are many perks of technology. It has streamlined our application process, and made the candidate experience much more efficient. However, we can all appreciate the frustration felt when technology does not cooperate.

Disney International Programs relies on candidates to utilize various accounts online, in order to complete the necessary documents and steps throughout the application process. The accounts applicants are exposed to include: the Disney Careers dashboard, DOC and DORMS. In order for you to have the best applicant experience possible, please be sure to keep the following tips in mind, if you are to encounter difficulties with one of our websites.

Dashboard –

  • The dashboard is where you can apply, track your progress and submit onboarding paperwork.
  • If you encounter any issues with your dashboard password, please reach out to the International Recruitment team at, and we will be able to assist you in resetting it.
  • If you are experiencing issues with your dashboard loading, please note the dashboard is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8. Please use a newer version (10+), or use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


  • DOC is utilized to upload required documents necessary to assure that we can bring participants on our program.
  • Please note, once an offer is extended, applicants must upload the necessary documents within a given timeframe.
  • Once participants arrive on our program, they will no longer be able to access their DOC account. If you need certain information from your account, please contact the International Recruitment team,
  • To reset your DOC password, please follow the “Forgotten Password” link on the DOC homepage.


  • DORMS can be used throughout participants’ programs.
  • Here you may pay your Program Assessment Fee, submit housing preferences and sign up for educational offerings – just to name a few of its uses!
  • For arrival questions regarding our Housing complexes, contact
  • For inquiries regarding issues logging into DORMS, error screens and Program Assessment Fee questions, please reach out to


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