The pre-arrival process is filled with eagerness and excitement for our International Programs participants. In order to make sure that nothing is forgotten in the months leading up to your arrival date, please make sure to review your onboarding website and log in frequently to your Dashboard and email accounts with which you submitted your application, to check for any pertinent communication.

Below is a list of some helpful tips to keep in mind if you have an arrival date approaching:

  • We strongly recommend booking your flight after you receive your visa. If you decide to book early, please purchase tickets where you can either receive a full refund or have the ability to change dates in the event a situation arises. Note that your arrival at the housing check-in location should be between the time of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • If you require a visa to enter the United States for your program, you will receive a visa packet. The visa packet (including instructions) will be sent out approximately 1 ½ months prior to your arrival at the earliest. Please make sure your DOC account is completely updated (double-check your address/emergency contacts). If your DOC account is not completed and updated, this will cause a delay with your documents.
  • Onboarding paperwork can be found on your Dashboard. Please be sure to print these documents, and sign them. We kindly ask you to bring them with you for your arrival session with the International Recruitment team.
  • Please pack professional attire, as you will need to wear this type of clothing for orientation. Orientation will take place on one of the first few days of your program.
  • Assure that you comply with the Disney Look guidelines, as any deviations from these guidelines will need to be taken care of prior to orientation.

Following these few tips can help you feel more prepared for the exciting adventure ahead. In addition to these practical tips, we most importantly ask you to bring your enthusiasm and sense of adventure for the experience that awaits you!

We look forward to seeing all of our participants who have yet to arrive, and wish each and every one of you safe travels!

KylanDisney International Recruiting