New year, new open spaces!  

Your schedules are far from a typical 9-5, and your living spaces should reflect that. In order to better serve your busy schedules, we are proud to announce that the new year ushers in the opening of not one, but two brand-new 24-hour work/study spaces in the complexes. 

At Patterson Court, the lobby area of the Disney Service Center will remain open 24/7 along with the computer lab, giving participants the opportunity to work, study or hang out in the space, which is complete with Wi-Fi, television and resources such as games. 

Over at Vista Way, the former Disney Learning Center has been reimagined as Clubroom Thirteen501, with brand-new charging tables, computers and chairs and couches to use to relax or study. There is also a television and wi-fi, making this the perfect space to work or spend time with friends outside of your apartment. 

We hope you enjoy these new all-day and -night spaces, and we can’t wait to see how you use them as we move into the new year! 

AshleyDisney Programs Communication