Meet Imane, an International Programs alum from Morocco! Last year, Imane completed her Disney International Program at Walt Disney World Resort and was eager to find a way to continue her career with Disney. In her search, she learned about opportunities with Disney English, and jumped at the chance to begin a new adventure with Disney across the world.

As a Foreign Trainer, Imane lives in Shanghai, China, where she teaches English to children of all ages. Using storytelling, Disney characters, and immersive learning techniques, she makes English come alive for her young students. From performing sketches for parents to watching the excitement on a child’s face during class, Imane loves spreading pixie dust every day.

We caught up with her, to ask a few questions about her role…


How did your time in the Disney International Program influence your decision to join Disney English?

Joining The Walt Disney Company through the Disney International Program was one of the most enriching experiences I went through. I am originally from Casablanca, Morocco and I wasn’t able to keep working at Walt Disney World Resort past my program, so when I heard about Disney English, I jumped on the opportunity!




Tell us about your journey from Disney International Programs participant to Disney English Foreign Trainer.

I have been fortunate to occupy two extremely different roles at Epcot and here in Shanghai. I was on my way to work one day in Orlando, when I saw a sign on the cast member bus for Disney English. I had been trying to find another position in order to keep working for the company and this discovery couldn’t have come at a better time. I ended up applying and leaving for Shanghai only two months after my contract ended in Orlando.




What are your favorite parts about the Foreign Trainer role?

Being a Foreign Trainer is always exciting! Not only am I given the opportunity to teach children everyday but also to spread the magic. My favorite part is being able to see the excitement on a child’s face when they finally learn vocabulary words with the help of Mickey and friends!


How did you use your past Disney experience help you as a Foreign Trainer?

Working at Disney Parks, I always knew to create happiness for the guests. Working at Disney English is no different! My experience at the parks helped prepare me on a customer service level. We are required to speak to parents and give excellent service with a touch of magic and my time at Epcot really helped me excel in this domain. Small acts like getting down to eye level when speaking to children or calling them princess and giving them a sticker can go a long way! It truly brightens up their day.




What advice would you give to current Disney International Programs participants about joining Disney English?

I would have to say that this is a great adventure! It truly puts you out of your comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to travel the world and meet great people from all around. My advice would be: learn to use chopsticks before moving to China!

With Disney English, you can experience a new adventure in China and spread the magic every day for children and their parents. If you are enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate about working with children, Disney English might be the perfect next step in your career.


 Apply today and discover a world of possibilities waiting for you.