Welcome, Culinary, Baking and Pastry students to one of the most popular cooking and pastry programs in the country! At the Walt Disney World Resort, you will join in with some of the greatest chefs in the world, working in one of over 500 food and beverage outlets and bakeries to develop your skills.

Not only will this program enhance your skills, but also, it will build your confidence. For the interview, you will have to know your HACCP temperatures and storage rotations. This is so important to our guest safety, and safety is first in our kitchens not only for our cast but our guests too.

Culinary students could serve over 20,000 meals in a four-month work experience. Pastry students may see over 60,000 products come out of the bake shop in a single week!

So with numbers like that your speed, teamwork and leading will be a challenge each shift. Keep in mind these are the top skills that make a good chef or pastry chef, and you will carry these throughout your culinary career. Please don’t forget about guest service: you will be engaged all the time with our guests and cast, so staying organized and answering questions from everyone is part of this great experience.


Below is a list of some key skills and knowledge you will need to bring with you to be successful:

  • It’s not a classroom. The kitchen and bake shop are in full-service mode all the time with deadlines to meet.
  • Bring a leading attitude.
  • Create a current résumé – be sure to add in all volunteer work experience.
  • Don’t say you have 2-3 years of work experience when it’s only on-campus experience.
  • Know your products.
  • Know your methods/recipe conversions.
  • Become an asset as quickly as possible.
  • What you do here affects us all.
  • Learn and retain menu recipes.
  • Know what is in season: produce, herbs and fruits.
  • Think safety!

So if you do all of the above each and every day you will feel yourself grow and become who you want to be in the food and beverage world.

Learn more and apply:

Hope to see you all soon!

Chef Pauli
Chef PauliDisney Culinary Program Recruiting