“The thing I enjoy most about working for Disney is that I get to witness many things that you won’t see anywhere else. What other place brings families together? Where else can you see the faces of children of any age light up upon seeing their favorite character? What other company provides excellent entertainment offerings for all ages? There is a very special thing about Disney… I guess you could call it magic.” says Zachari, a Psychology Major from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  As most of us already know, magic is the leading theme throughout Disney and being a cast member not only allows you to take part in the magic, but to help create it. All Disney College Program participants play an intricate role in making magic happen here at the resort.

“As a Photopass Photographer, I capture the magical moments that happen all over the park. I take pictures of families in front of several icons around the parks, as well as characters. Fantasy Faire just opened this year and I was lucky enough to be one of the first photographers to shoot at that location.”

The Disney College Program is a unique opportunity that allows participants to live, learn and earn at one of the leading entertainment companies in the world. Zachari believes that understanding the importance of having fun at your job is what makes working for Disney so special and frankly, fun. “Like most people who work at Disney, I grew up on the brand. I admire Walt Disney for all his work, imagination and his courage to follow his dreams. He had a natural talent of storytelling, which I respect. I wanted to be a part of a company that provides quality entertainment to anyone and everyone.”

Do you want to be a part of making the magic happen at the Disneyland Resort? By participating in the Disney College Program, you too can take part in a magical experience similar to Zachari’s:  “One day at work, a Birthday Princess dressed as Rapunzel, came up to me with her family to take some pictures. I recognized this family because I took their photos the day before. Right after I finished the session with them, the birthday princess asked me to sign her autograph book.”

[When applying] You should be open to all roles and opportunities. Don’t dismiss a role you think you wouldn’t like, because you wouldn’t know unless you try it out. Each department has its purpose, and without one area, Disneyland Resort wouldn’t be the magical place it is today.”

Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman Disneyland is not only the happiest place on earth but also, a very magical place to work as well.

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