Disney College Program
Questions of Confusion: Part 5

The recruiting season has begun, which means I get to write another installment of my “Questions of Confusion” series.

Let’s get going…


I signed up to receive notification when the application was available, but I noticed that the application was posted a few hours/days before I received the email.  Why don’t you notify everyone immediately?

When the application is available, it is available for several weeks.   When someone applies is not something that is taken into consideration when reviewing the application.  Everyone receives the same consideration regardless of if they applied within an hour of the application opening or within an hour of the application closing.  It isn’t necessary for someone to apply the very first day to be considered.


There is a question early in the application which asks, “Have you ever submitted an application to The Walt Disney Company or any of its affiliated companies?”  I previously applied for the Disney College Program, but that is not an option in the menu.  What should I select?

The Disney  College Program is an employment opportunity with either the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort.  You would select one of those options from the menu depending on which site’s program you previously applied (if both, indicate “Walt Disney World Resort”.)


I’ve read a lot of information provided by former participants about the application/interview process, but what I’m experiencing is different from what they described.   I’m totally confused on what I should expect.

The basic living, learning, and earning concept of the Disney College Program has been consistent for years; specific policies and procedures tend to evolve.  The application/interview process is not immune to this evolution and can change a little from recruiting season to recruiting season.

The current application/interview process is significantly different now than it was a few years ago.  Those who applied last semester may notice that a few things are a little bit different now too.

Don’t worry, though.  You will receive communication along the way that will let you know exactly where you are in the process and if you have any next steps.  Please keep in mind that your next step might be to patiently wait for an update at a later time.


When should I inform my school that I’m applying?

You should probably do that as soon as you can.  Your school will be able to tell you if you meet their requirements to participate on a program such as ours (GPA, credit hours earned, etc.)  They will also be able tell you if there is a certain class that is only offered during a semester and possibly suggest a better time in your academic career to pursue the Disney College Program.  And, of course, it is never too early to explore the possibility of earning credit while on the program.

Direct them to disneyeducationconnection.com.  This site provides a detailed overview of the Disney College Program and also suggestions on how they could award credit.  This site is also used by schools to verify that their students meet the eligibility requirements prior to arrival.  They can also use this site to check/retrieve course grades for their students while they are on the program.


When should I look for roommates?

If you wish to look for roommates, the best time would be *after* you and others have accepted an offer.

Roommates must share the same departure date and in order to link with each other, must also be in the same pre-registration window.  Pre-registration begins approximately 10 days before arrival.  Individuals arriving the same week would generally be in the same pre-registration window.

Spring participants will not be able to share apartments with Spring Advantage participants because they will have differing departure dates.


Best of luck to all of you who may be applying this season.  Remember, you can always submit comments/ask questions here on the blog or reach out directly to the Disney College Recruiting team.

Chris, Disney Internships & Programs Communications Team