The recruitment season for the 2014 Fall and Fall Advantage Programs is rapidly approaching.  Everyone in the office is busy preparing for the season.  We have heard that many of you are too.  In fact, I’ve heard that there are people already looking for roommates (they probably should wait until they have actually been accepted and know their arrival/departure dates, though).

As I’ve done in the past, I wanted to continue my “Questions of Confusion” series with a focus on submitting an application for the Disney College Program.


What happens after I submit my application?

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed and considered for the program session(s) in which you expressed interest.   All applications are given the same consideration no matter if they are submitted within the first 5 minutes of the application being available or submitted 5 minutes before the application is closed.

Shortly after submitting an application, a candidate will receive an email confirming their submission.  This email will include a date which will be the latest possible day that a candidate may be asked to interview.

After this email, a candidate will wait for an update.  This could be a request to begin the interview process, a reminder that we have their application and they may still be asked to interview,  or notification that they are no longer being considered.  There is no set time frame for this update and different candidates will receive these updates at different times.


Will everyone who submits an application be selected to interview?

The Disney College Program is an extremely competitive internship.  We receive a very large number of applications each recruiting season for a limited number of positions.   Not all candidates will be asked to proceed to the interview process.


Are candidates randomly selected to be interviewed?

No.  Disney College Recruiting takes a number of things into consideration before asking a candidate to proceed with the interviewing process.  Every candidate’s application receives the exact same consideration.  Those who are asked to move forward to the interviews are not selected randomly; they are asked based off the information they provided on their application.


I’m aware that there are people who applied after me who have been asked to interview.  Is something wrong?  Am I still being considered?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, not everyone will proceed through the application/interview process in the same way.   Candidates will receive different notifications at different times.  This is normal and is not an indication that a candidate made an error when applying, it is not an indication that they will not be asked to interview, nor is it an indication that there is a glitch with the online application.

Unless you have been specifically told that you are no longer in consideration, your application is still under review and you may still be contacted to begin the interview process.


If I’m not selected to interview immediately, should I submit another application?

The application is valid for the entire Disney College Program recruiting season.  Candidates should not submit another application.

If a candidate isn’t sure whether or not their application was successfully submitted, they may log into their Candidate Dashboard to verify.


entertainment_fab5If I wish to audition to be a character performer, but I have not yet been asked to interview, should I still audition?

Yes.  Attending an audition is the only way for one to be considered to be a character performer.  Unless you have been informed that you are no longer in consideration, you should still attend the audition if you wish to be a character performer even if you have not interviewed.


Is there anything I can do to make myself stand out during the application/interview process?

Of course there is!  In fact, there are many different suggestions in previous articles.   Take the time to read the articles that are related to the application/interview process.  You may also want to take a look at the Recruiter Spotlights and Instructor Spotlights.  Most of them include information on what they look for in candidates.


Lastly, you can always submit comments/ask questions here on the blog or reach out directly to the Disney College Recruiting team.

Chris, Disney Internships & Programs Communications Team



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