The application for the 2014 Spring and Spring Advantage Disney College Program sessions will be available soon.  I wanted to take a few minutes and continue my “Questions of Confusion” series to assist those of you who may be preparing to apply and interview next month.


How many roles should I indicate when I apply?

There is no set number.  An applicant may express interest in as many or as few roles as they would like.  Most candidates indicate around six or seven roles when they submit their application.  If a candidate indicates more than three roles, they may be asked to narrow their choices down to their top three.

Some candidates only indicate a level of interest in one role and this is OK.

When looking at the role listing and indicating a level of interest, read the description carefully and answer the question, “Can I see myself doing this for five to seven months?”  It may be cliché, but your initial gut reaction is probably accurate.  It is very unlikely that any single person would be receptive to every available role if they are being honest with themselves.

Please keep in mind that you can be considered for any role that has a level of interest indicated.  You may be considered for any role marked “low interest”.  If you have no interest, mark “no interest”.


Is the application or interview different for Disney College Program Alumni?

Alumni applying for another Disney College Program use the same application/interview process as any other applicant.  The interview will follow a very similar structure.  The main difference is that one’s rehire status will be verified and there may be some discussion about their previous program experience.

Although this may be obvious, alumni should take the application/interview process seriously and be professional. Being a program alumnus does not guarantee one will move to the interview process or that one will receive an offer to return.


Do you need to upload a resume when you apply for the Disney College Program?

It is not necessary to submit a resume for Disney College Program positions.  All of the information that is needed to apply for Disney College Program positions is collected as part of the application.  Resumes are required for Disney Professional Internships, though.

Disney College Program applicants can submit a resume, but it is not one of the documents that will be reviewed as part of the decision making process when asking a candidate to interview or following a telephone interview. Disney College Program applicants choosing to submit a resume on their dashboard do not have an advantage over those who do not.


I previously applied and had to decline an offer.  Will this be seen negatively?

Not at all.  We completely understand that situations can arise which would prevent someone from being able to accept an offer.


What is the GPA requirement to apply?

Although we do not have a specific GPA requirement, individual schools may have additional requirements in place for their students to participate on our program. G.P.A. is a very common requirement for schools to have in place. Please check with your academic advisor or school’s internship office before applying.


Be sure to visit and opt-in to receive Disney College Program updates via email.  An email will be sent when the application is available next month.

Chris, Disney Internships & Programs Communications Team