It is still several weeks before the 2013 Fall and Fall Advantage application will be available.   I hope you found the information in Part One useful.  Here in Part Two, I’m going to address some common misconceptions about the web-based interview, notification, and pending status.


If I don’t use a certain web browser, my Web-Based Interview could be impacted.

The web-based interview is compatible with all of the major browsers. The outcome of the interview is a result of the responses given and not by one’s choice of browser.

Be sure to allow about 40 minutes to complete the web-based interview. Some questions will be multiple-choice. Other questions will ask you to rate items on a 1-to-5 scale. Read each question carefully and select the response that best describes you.


I heard that I would have a definite response on whether or not I was accepted within two weeks of my telephone interview.  (Note: At the time this article was written in 2013, this was the case.  Candidates are currently provided with the latest possible date in which hiring decisions would be made.)

Everyone who completes the telephone interview will receive follow up notification within approximately two weeks. However, this may not necessarily be notification of a final decision.

Some applicants will receive an offer. Others may be told that they are no longer in consideration. There will be some who are informed that they are “pending a decision”. This means that the College Recruiting team needs additional time before they make a final decision on them.

Two weeks is also an approximation. Some individuals may receive this follow up within a few days of their telephone interview, but for most it will be right around the two week mark.

An applicant’s record is updated as soon as a decision is made. Don’t waste time after your interview trying to speculate about what a decision may be or try to figure out some sort of pattern for roles being offered (one doesn’t exist). Instead, take time to talk to your parents and school about the opportunity and secure the necessary funds for your Housing Fees should an offer be extended.


If I’m told that I’m “Pending” following my telephone interview, that means that I didn’t get in.

If you are told that you are pending, that means that a final decision has not yet been made. Although Recruiting needs additional time before making their final decision, a pending applicant is really in the exact same position they were in immediately following their telephone interview.

The pending notification will include a date that will indicate the latest possible day that a final decision will be communicated. However, if a decision is made before that time, there will not be a delay in communicating that information to an applicant.

Because each person is reviewed individually, the timing of a final update will vary. Some pending applicants will receive a final update within a few days of their initial pending notification. Others may not receive a final update until closer to the deadline date. Periodic reminders will be sent as a courtesy to let a pending applicant know that they are still pending and to assure them that they will receive a final status update when one is made.

I should also mention that how long someone is pending is not indicative of what a final decision may be.


Best of luck to all of you who apply this semester!

Chris, Disney Internships & Programs Communication Team