As our next recruiting season approaches, I wanted to take time address some of the common questions that potential applicants send our way. Hopefully this will help clarify some of the confusion and dispel any rumors that may be out there. This is the first part of two series. Check back next week to see part two!


I’m seeing conflicting dates from different people about when the application will be available. Can you tell me exactly when I will be able to apply?

The Disney College Program application will be available in early February for those wishing to apply for the Fall/Fall Advantage Programs and in September for those wishing to apply for the Spring/Spring Advantage Programs. We run a series of tests before posting the application to make sure that everything is working properly.  Due to possible technical issues arising during our tests which could result in delaying the application availability, we only provide a general time frame and do not announce a specific date ahead of time.

Any claim of specific date knowledge by an individual should be attributed as being speculation on their part.

When the application is available, it will appear on the “Apply Now” page on We will post an announcement here on our blog and on our official Facebook page. Notification will also be sent to those who have subscribed to receive email updates.


If I’m one of the first to apply, I will have a better chance of being selected.

When making a decision on extending an offer, when someone applied is not something that is taken into consideration. Whether or not someone is selected is determined by their interviews.

We encourage everyone to apply as early as they can to get this important step out of the way. If selected, one may have more time to prepare for their arrival in Florida or California. If someone is not selected, they have time to explore other opportunities or prepare for their next semester at school. If they are informed that they are pending a decision, they will have more time to decide whether they wish to remain in consideration and/or to explore other options.


If I indicate that I’m interested in the program at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, check all of the roles, and all available program sessions, even if I’m not really interested in all of them, I will look better to my interviewer.

Although flexibility is a key component to making the most of the Disney College Program experience, this is one area where you should be very honest with yourself and your interviewer.

If an offer is extended, it will be specifically for either Walt Disney World or Disneyland, in a specific role, and on a specific program session. An applicant must base their decision to accept or decline their offer on what the location, role, and program session they were reserved.

Walt Disney World selection screen
Be sure to review carefully to decide which housing and educational opportunities at Walt Disney World Resort and/or Disneyland Resort best meet your needs.

Also, check with your school, friends, and family to see if there are any classes/events that may conflict with one of the program sessions.

As for researching roles, you can find testimonials from former participants in other blog articles. You can also find role overviews on our YouTube channel.

Detailed role descriptions are available on the application form and you will be able to indicate a high, medium, or low interest level. Remember, checking “low interest” means that you have some degree of interest. If you are not interested in a role, select “No Interest” in that area. You may be asked during your interview to narrow down your selection to a few top picks, but please keep in mind that you may be considered for any of the roles that you check or discuss during your interview.

Lastly, if there are certain roles that do not interest you, it is OK to let your interviewer know. Keep in mind saying, “if that is the only role available” is indicative of being open to some degree. Saying, “I’m not receptive to that role” is a much better way to indicate zero interest.

Once the telephone interview has been completed, one is no longer able to alter their role, program session, or location preferences.

Example of role selection

I heard that selecting certain roles will result in being automatically issued a pending status.

Anyone interested in being a character performer is required to attend an audition as an additional step in the application/interview process. A character performer offer cannot be extended until the audition has been completed. If someone is only interested in being a character performer and not interested in any of the other available roles, they will be issued a pending status until they have completed an audition and Walt Disney Entertainment has made their decisions.

This is really the only scenario where a pending status would be immediately issued solely based on an applicant’s role selection.


Be sure to check back next week to see part two!

Chris, Communications Team, Disney Internships & Programs