If you’re ready to attend an audition, you might be wondering about some best practices and helpful hints to set you up for success!

What is a “Character Performer” role?

pluto_minnie_guestAs a Character Performer, your main responsibility will be to interact with our guests as one of the world-famous Disney Characters.

Your day will include lots of autograph signing, posing for photos, hugs, kisses and animated storytelling.

This requires a lot of physical activity and strength.  Keep in mind, you’ll be wearing potentially heavy costumes, some with limited vision, in hot and humid weather.

Being a character is hard work, but it is rewarding hard work, and comes with special magical moments.

Here are some valuable tips, as you prepare:

Have a good attitude
If you’re having a good time at the audition, it will reflect in your performance.

If you’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable, just know that most everyone else is too! The Casting team wants you to have fun, and to just give it your best shot.

Not everyone has to be a dancer, but everyone does have to have positive energy and a smile.


Be on time…or even a little early
Auditions begin at the advertised time, and usually you will not be allowed to join if you arrive late.

It’s a good idea to arrive a little early, but no more than one hour prior to the advertised audition time.


Know where to go
Research the audition venue location before you leave home. Be prepared in advance, so you don’t get lost or stressed out.


audition_clothesKnow what to wear
Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to dance and move: running or basketball shorts, T-shirts or athletic shirts, yoga pants or dance attire.

Avoid high heels, short skirts and dresses, and tight or restrictive clothing.

It is best to bring a pair of shoes that you plan to wear, and change into them upon arrival. Many studios don’t allow street shoes on their dance floors.


Bring water and a snack
Bring a large bottle of water and a towel. You will sweat and you will get thirsty. (You will be happy to have water on hand!)

You may also want to bring a small snack.

Auditions can be a few hours in length and sustenance will help.


Be mindful of the Disney Look
While it is not necessary to abide by these guidelines when attending an audition, a good first impression can go a long way. Showing up to audition in your pajamas is probably not the best idea.


OK! Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about how selections are made. Understand that there are many factors that must be taken into account when determining who gets kept, and who does not. Just do your best and feel good about your performance. The rest is out of your hands.

Auditions are based on physical storytelling ability, referred to as “animation”, movement and physical coordination, as well as height and build. The last two are out of your control, but play a big part in who gets kept because of available positions.

Please keep in mind that an audition is not the time to ask for feedback. The Casting team is very busy during these auditions, and does not have time to answer individual questions following the cut.

Remember to keep checking our audition tour schedule for any date/time/location changes and most of all….have fun and use the time to meet new friends!!!!

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