Apartment Meetings: Myths, Mysteries and Misunderstandings

One of many things that I appreciate about Disney•Pixar animated films is how real and relatable the relationships are between the characters. If you think about it most, if not all, of these movies have some sort of miscommunication, misunderstanding, or down right battle tied into the story line. To illustrate:

Toy Story:
When Buzz arrives, he immediately gets on Woody’s nerves due to his arrogance and being a know-it-all. Woody gets on Buzz’s nerves with his patronizing tone and bossiness. Not a great way to start!

Finding Nemo:
Poor Marlin. His main ally is Dory, who unfortunately forgets everything he says every few seconds. Also Marlin’s past has given him some major trust issues.  How could this pair possibly find Nemo?

Monster’s University:
Talk about opposites! Sully, the prideful legacy and natural “scarer” paired with the less-than-athletic and book-smart Wazowski. They become rivals almost as soon as they walk through the gates of the campus.

Sometimes age can make a difference when two people come together. Russel is a whole 70 years younger than Carl when they meet, and their approaches to adventure are as different as they can be.

As you can see, sometimes the strongest bonds are not easy to find. Similarly to these characters, on the Disney International or College Program, you may find yourself at odds with others due to cultural, lifestyle, upbringing, age and personality differences. Keep this in mind when you meet others, especially when you meet your apartment mates for the first time.

KEEP IN MIND!  Good partnerships require:



Apartment meetings can be called for many reasons, but most often roommates come together over differences of opinion on how to succeed in “the four keys” at home. Remember, that even while off-stage the expectations are the same and it is just as important to uphold these keys as when you are working in your role on-stage. However, if a mutual compromise and agreement cannot be found on your own, no worries! We are here to help!

Apartment meetings can be requested and are held at the Disney Internships and Programs Service Centers, now located in the clubhouse/front desk of each housing complex. They will be mediated by two of our Service Center specialists, which means you will have assistance in narrowing down the learning opportunities of the apartment, what everyone agrees to, and how to move on successfully as an apartment team.

The conversation and the compromise will be yours to make, but once your apartment meets with our specialists, we will send you all an email recap. This email will serve as a written contract between your apartment mates to provide concreteness to the agreements.  Apartment meetings are a great way to open up communication and allow everyone to have an equal voice in creating a strong partnership.

DON’T FORGET! Your roommates can help you succeed and vise-versa!

Even some of the best relationships might have rocky beginnings, as shown with some of our favorite Pixar characters. While Woody and Buzz, Marlin and Dory, Sully and Wazowski, and Carl and Russel all ended up being best friends in the end of their partnerships that wasn’t what made them special. It was how each character learned to give and take and how each one of them used one another’s strengths to succeed in their endeavors.

Best wishes to all of you in your programs!

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